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Severe muscle spasms in shoulder blade into right arm

For over a month I have had severe muscle spasms in my right shoulder blade and my neck.  The pain  burns into my arm and my shoulder.  I got an xray, then an mri which shows degenerative disc disease with bone spurs and a disc bulge at C5-6.  I also am getting multiple muscle twitching in these areas.  My neck was hurting a over month ago and I had trouble moving it back and left and right.  Then I had an incident where I had to duck down quickly and really twisted my neck and back while moving out of the way.  I have had a problem with this muscle in my back (shoulder blade) occasionally over the last year, but nothing like this!  The pain is extreme.  Icing it makes it worse.  So I heat it and take super hot showers.  I have been to emerg. twice beacuse of the pain, and they gave me an injection of toridol.  I take baclofen? for the spasm in my back, it takes away a bit of the edge, but is still extremely painful.  I am going to the chiropractor, for massage and for physio.  but I just keep getting worse.  I can't work, I can't sleep, the pain is constant.  I don't know what else to do!!!!!!!!!!  Is this severe muscle spasm caused by the disc bulge?  I have also had symptoms in the last year of tremors, sinus tachycardia (which I take a beta blocker for) as well as occasional blurry vision in one eye, strange headaches.    I have also had a brain mri and an eeg, which were both normal.  My family doc is sending me back to the neurologist.  I am getting desperate for some relief, could anyone give me some advice please??????????
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Hello and I feel ur pain,
     I have been through all of what ur describing and it seems to just keep going like the everyready battery.I wonder if u have had surgery on this C5-C6 that u are talking @. I have had a ACD & F fusion/discectomy. I found that the doc(Neurosurgen)did this surgery and caused(I think compression of my other discT3-T4..Read my post..skeetelmore65 w/pic..in bed w/pain...trying to smile for pic..I think ths is definately ur problem,but I am not a doc..so u need to get to one ASAP and get this dx so u can get on to living ur life..the only thing is I would make sure by getting another opinion b4 u do anything.Hope this helps and I will pray for ur pain and suffering...GOD BLESS..
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Hi!  I have had this muscle spasm hard as concrete between right shoulder blade for along time.  The longer I live with it the worse it gets!!!  I had fusion/discectomy surgery on August 10, hoping that would take it away!!!!  So far it has NOT!!!!!!! C5 + C6 and fusion.  I was sheduled to go back to work September 30, but I can't because I still have the hard muscle spasm (concrete) which gives me pain like when you hit your funny bone!!!!  It drives me CRAZY like I want to cry or put my fist through a wall!!!!!  Most doctors do NOT know much about it like they do neck or lumbar pain + it's more risky surgery when your talking about the thoracic area of the back!!!! So I know where you are coming from!!!!!!!!
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I read this post and I was wondering if anyone had anymore advice on this subject?
I am a 41 year old male, fit,healthy..and in some real serious pain.. I have similar symptoms to PATJD.. but i get severe spasms in my neck, shoulder , upper and lower back, the pain is so severe at times it literally drops me, i can feel the spasms start at the back of my neck and spread over my head, behind and above my right eye which goes bloodshot and weeps , i cannot move, tolerate light, touch or noise, I get really bad palpitations, i sweat profusely and I want to die, these episodes can last an hour or last up to six weeks, when i am admitted to A&E they load me up on morphine and maxalon and I am still in excruciating pain.I have had this happen to me for about ten years since i was struck in the face by a reo bar which came out of a faulty reo bending machine, it lifted me off my feet and threw me about a meter and a half into a safety fence
I too take Baclofen and I find it is one of the few things that give me some form of relief,the docs have me on endone, duralgesic patches , baclofen, tegretol , zomig and maxalon.i have traveled thousands of miles and spent thousands of dollars trying to find help/relief , you name it.. Chiro's, osteopaths, deep tissue massage, sports therapists, acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedy's, heat treatment, cold treatment, stretching, walking, swimming, weight training, none of these have helped for more than a short period.
I am a single dad and I run my own business, I just want to spend time with my little girl and go to work like everyone else.
I have seen a neurosurgeon and he said i have pressure on my nerves at C2, C6 and L4/5, but that was back in April this year and i have heard nothing else to suggest surgery or any other course of action.
I don't like to whinge or carry on but I am getting desperate, I am not asking for help.. I am begging..  can someone/anyone suggest a better alternative of medication that might at least ease some of this pain..??  i am currently taking up to 200mg of baclofen a day which i am told is twice the recommended dosage, I don't know what all these medications are doing to my body but i don't have any other way, Is there anyone that can can help me please.. PLEASE  
my contact is ***@****   my name is Ron
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Wow, you sound like you have tried everything. I think you need to go back to this neurosurgeon and tell him all that you are going through, and what he suggests.  I am actually feeling a bit better lately.  I was going to physio, chiro, massage, acupuncture and I have stopped everything for one month.  Stangely, I feel better doing nothing.  I just heat my back everynight while resting.  I hope you find some relief, this has been going on for 10 years??  My advice is go back to the doctor and don't leave until he understands just how bad this has been for you,  and tries something new!
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Man, u and I seem to be going through the same ringer. I haven't had it as long as u, but I can't relate w/the same pain. Why don't u do the surgery if ur in so much pain. Hasn't ur NS recommended it? Of course, it seems like I am in worse pain because I had surgery...messed up aren't we?Damed if u do and damed if u don't. That is the question. I really don't know what to tell u except go to another or different NS and get their opinion. It is always good to have at least 3 b4 surgery. I mean that...don't do it unless u have that many opinions...it is way to risky to have surgery if there is another way, but it seems u've tried just @ everything. I can say they might just need to regulate ur medicine better. Try something different maybe. I hate the med. myself, but the pain is just so out there. I have to wear a duragesic patch(75mcg)..yeah,just went up from 50mcg and hated to, but it did help my pain adjust and more tolerable. I also have to take Norco...the same as Lortab I think..10/325 and since I have spasms/tremors..I have to take xanax and I hate to, but allergic to flexeril..that might be good for u since you sound like ur muscles tighten up like mine. I just want my life back too..I have two boys that need their mom..and it is so hard not to take them fishing like we used to do or just do things together...every once in a while I get to tickle my youngest..he is 12,but he loves the atention. I love being able to love him and make him laugh. Just pray..that seems to help me so much. The Lord is so great. He knows right where ur pain is and He will fix u. He has taken half of my pain away. I felt it and it is so wonderful when He touches u. Read ur Bible and it will lift u up to where u feel so elated and the pain is not so bad.
Hey, You take care and things will get better..I will say a prayer for u Ron and u too patjd...GOD BLESS..Karen    sawy...my post..or blog..  http://skeetelmore65.blogspot.com
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You need to find a Spine & Sports MD.  Ask for a trigger point injection to the painful area.  I had the same problem under the right shoulder blade and down the arm.  Trigger points were my only relief.  They are great.  I will be having the same thing done to my lower lumbar on the right side.  It is so painful that bed, moist heat and pain killers have been my way of life.  This is becoming chronic so, one more flair up and I will be having the injections on that sight.  The majority of my career has been working for M.D.'s and Surgeons.  Try it.  You have nothing to lose.  Insurance does pay for this procedure.
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Hi Ron- I got some relief going to a chiropractor who was trained in acupuncture. He then did cold laser treatment on the areas in the neck, shoulder, back, etc that were in the worse spasms. It helped and it really got rid of the occasional blurry vision I get in one eye (same side as the spasms). I'd give it a try if I were you. The muscle spasms seem to have a life of their own, and they take over my life! Such pain- it's awful!
Low doses of Baclofen cause me to fall asleep. I have to be careful about taking it.
I hope you have found some help.

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Trigger point work is something I am working on, too. I think it does help some. I have just started this Trigger Point self-help program. I am pleased and cusrious to know more.

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I to suffer with the same neck and back muscle spasms. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find a solution. I empathize with the pain because people do not really understand the intensity of pain I live with every day. I have been doing trigger point therapy with a Thera Cane and using these "miracle balls" and they keep it manageable. Without these I would not be able to function and live my life and work. It is the only thing that has helped. I found my own solutions because doctors and chiropractors can not seem to help me. I don't understand why there is not a medical solution because sooo many people are suffering.
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