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Sharp lower back pain + strong urge to urinate?

While my GP & I cannot make sense of this perhaps someone here can,

I have no history of ever 'injuring' my back but a few months ago I've started getting really sharp lower back pain, when this pain is brought on, if I don't lay down or sit down within a few minutes I am generally in tears due to how much it hurts.

To date the only thing we've found that helps with the back pain is using a TENS machine or strong pain medication such as Oxycodone, Demerol & there was one other I got while I was in the ER it started with an F but I forget its name, they all caused extreme dizzyness in me so the doctors have stopped having me use these.

One thing we've also noticed is that when this sharp stabbing backpain is brought on, I within minutes get a strong urge to also urinate. The urge is to the point now where I am wearing briefs because I have leaked more then once and its rather embarrassing.

I've had x-rays & mri's on my back with no results. I've had a ultrasound on my bladder with no results as well.

I am currently taking 400mcg of Synthroid for hypothyroidism & at night I take 6mg of Silenor to help with sleep.

He does have me going now to see a few specialists (Orthopedic specialist, Neurologist & a Urologist)  but these will not be for a few months, so now I am seeking the advice of people online. Any idea of what might possibly be going on would be greatly appreciated!
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The nerves governing bladder tone originate in the lower back, just above the pelvis. If spine disease or trauma is interfering with the actions of these nerves, you will experience trouble with bladder and/or rectal control.

I hope you can see a specialist soon. In the mean time, is there any way to get scheduled now for a lumbar-sacral MRI so that when you get to see a specialist, they'll have the films and reports ready to use?
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