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Slower breathing felieves pain.

To-day i read a small article in the News paper. It narrates that slower breathing helps to reduce pain in any partof the body. As the details were not ginven i tried  the web to search a relevant information. You may search breathing exercises as per your needs from the website. I am pasting one article from the web.

How to Relieve Stress Build Up and Lower Back Pain by Breathing
By fatintothefire

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Stress? Lower back pain? Need to relax and remove tension? Try this easy breathing technique.


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Difficulty: EasyInstructionsThings You'll Need:
a place to lay down
Step 1Here is a fantastic breathing technique that will take away stress, induce relaxation, calmness, and reduce muscle tension. Read through this simple to do technique, then give it a try.

Don't be surprised when you feel your lower back muscles 'melting away' as they relax. You may even feel the joints of your spine 'crack' from the tension release!

Here is the breathing technique. It is a 'generalized' adaptation from Hatha Yoga.

Lie down on your back, with your hands at your side and legs extended comfortably.

Step 2Close your eyes, and begin paying attention to your breathing with your first exhalation.

When you are ready to inhale, do so through the nostrils - inhale through your nose.

Inhale deeply and deliberately. Your diaphragm should relax and sink. Lowering towards your waist.

Your abdominal wall (the abdominal muscles, around your stomach) will relax and extend slightly as you are near the end of this deep breath of inhalation.

Do not over-force the inhalation. Just a nice, full, deep and complete deliberate filling of the lungs with air.

Step 3Now it is time to exhale. I like to inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth. Deliberate and slow, try not to make any noise. Completely exhale, clear your mind.

Your lower back muscles will begin to relax, the longer you perform this breathing exercise, your muscles will become more relaxed. Do not be surprised if your back skeletal joints start 'cracking' as tension is released.

Focus on the breathing, in deeply and out deeply. Slow and deliberate.

When you have got the breathing down, add some relaxing background music.

Try this technique, it is a great way to clear your mind of stress, and let positive thoughts come about to you.

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