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Stem Cell Research

The FDA has just approved a US study for stem cell treatments for spinal injuries, the clinical trial is still open (BUT only for NEW T-Spine). The trial is being run by GERON and is called hESC-Derived Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells - GRNOPC1.

I am NOT a candidate as my original injuries were in my L and C, and the Cervical is the more troubling section of my spine (problems in c2/3, c3/4, c4/5, c5/6, c6/7). Been through "THE LIST" of therapies and am running out of options fast as I am currently in the second set of (3 steroid injections) in the last two years. This second set is not working as well (understandably due to deteriorating condition and more spinal cord compression this time around) and I am reaching out for ANY advice/suggestions on both surgical and non-surgical treatments (CURE's).

From personal friends much older than I am (28 years old) with back problems I would rather not do the "FUSION" surgery because of the many follow up surgeries they have had to have and the recovery time for each of those surgeries (since I am young career woman). I am wanting a longer lasting less invasive treatment...I know it's asking a whole lot.

I was wondering, grasping onto any hope or glimmer of hope to get off PAIN medicines and still be functional.

Has anyone has heard of or done research about STEM CELL THERAPIES for back problems?
Is this type of therapy EVEN done in other countries?

I've also seen a news story about a Veterinarian in Washington, DC using this therapy on a beloved canine.
Any info is greatly appreciated :)

Still hopeful but slowly loosing function and efficacy of the PAIN medicines, as I am sure other sufferers are.
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