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Straight Neck, Pinched Nerve, Shoulder, Neck, & Back Pain


I just recently went to the ER for extremely intense shoulder pain, as well as for the sensation of pins and needles down my left arm. They never took x-rays of my shoulders and instead I had three x-rays of my neck done. They told me that I have a straight neck, which is causing all of the shoulder, neck, and back pain. They also believe I have a pinched nerve, possibly caused by a bulging disc, that is giving me the sensation of pins and needles. They gave me 4 prescriptions, none of which fully cover the pain..

I experience many different types of pain, and the severity ranges from day to day. I am only 25 and in good health otherwise. This has significantly limited what I am able to lift/move/do etc.. I sometimes feel pain down to my upper arms. Sometimes I feel a deep pain which feels as though it is in the bone. (Possibly arthritis pain?) It's very difficult for me to even sit, stand, or sleep comfortably at times. Some nights I can't sleep because the pain is so bad, or it wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Different types of pain include: joint pain, burning pain, soreness, stiffness/tightness, deep ache, sharp pains, twinges of pain down my neck or back, and I've even had a sensation that I can only describe as a knife being wedged in between my joints or in the bone. Pain is in my neck, sometimes all throughout my back, shoulders, upper arms, clavicle, and the area where my neck and skull meet...

I've had back pain a good portion of my life off and on, but not to this extent. I also noticed something odd that I've experienced most of my life as well. I did not mention this to the doctor in the ER, because I didn't think anything of it until now... But it's as though I can hear some kind of fluid running up or down the back of my neck.. Almost like water flowing through pipes.. And I can subtly feel it too. I don't feel pain when this happens. But I had assumed this was normal since I always remember hearing it, up until now. I can go without hearing it for months at a time. But I've heard it quite often as of late. And I'm growing concerned that that may be linked to this horrible neck pain...

I will post an x-ray. (It will only allow me to upload one.) I hope someone can help me...

Thank you!

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