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Straight Neck Syndrome

I had a cervical spine injury several months ago (banged my neck on some machinery) that gradually lead to a straightening of my neck (shown by xray). I was not able to move my neck at all at first, and had pain and tingling down my arm, and a stabbing pain in my shoulder blade. Worst of all was the vertigo and head pressure. CT's showed no bulging discs. Muscle relaxers have helped, but the pressure in my head never went away and is becoming maddening. The pain comes and goes, but the pressure is persistent. The pain radiates through my face, and down my arm and back. I have been going to a chiropractor regularly, who has been doing ultrasound and minor adjustments. Its now been three months and I'm still barely functional. I'm getting extremely frustrated and depressed. I'm desperate for some insight into what has happened to my body, and how to fix it.
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Hi there,
14 years ago I had a whiplash type of injury. I had nerve symptoms and had it looked at straight away. xray showed no break and they sent me home. Sorry to say, but I have never recovered and I have since been diagnosed with 3 prolapsed discs and osteoarthritis with some mild stenosis. (that was 12 years later ) I do have times when the pain and other symptoms are lessened. I ALWAYS wear a scarf or snood as I've found heat to be of great benefit. Try and keep good posture and make sure your workplace is ergonomically sound. There are loads of pain killer options. for nerve problems like ours I have had great success with amitriptyline and Lyrica, with standard pain meds Tramadol SR, Naproxen. I take a tummy protector too omeprazole. It fluctuates a lot and is really affected by the weather, damp and cold = pain
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