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Sudden pain/cramp on left side of back behind lung

So today all of a sudden I had a very sharp pain in my left back . I got really nauseas when it happened and could hardly breathe. It lasted for about 20 min and then for the rest of the day whenever I breathed deeply there was pain in the same spot. I was swimming at the time and luckily was in shallow water but I don't think it was a swimming cramp like people get in their legs but I could be wrong. My mom thinks its my kidney because I've had an infection before but I'm not sure. Do I need to see a doctor or what are your thoughts on what it was?
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I wouldn't want to contradict your mother. A sharp pain from the kidney appears right over the kidney, and feels deep and visceral -- was your pain above the kidney?

Many muscle spasms that occur in the small muscles that lie between our ribs can cause very sharp pain that can last for quite a while. If your pain is over your rib cage, then it is more likely that you pulled one of these intercostal muscles.

In this case, ice packs, followed by warm packs will help release the muscle and reduce pain.

If pain becomes severe, please see your doctor.
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No my pain is not between my ribs. I looked up a diagram to pin point the location and I'm almost positive its right where my kidney is. It's been coming in waves ever since I had that really sharp pain and now its really tender to touch and even hurts when I take deep breaths. I just really hope it doesn't have anything to do with my Kidney.
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Small kidney stones can cause sharp pain right over the kidney.

Please see a doctor and have a workup to rule out kidney stones.

In the mean time, lower your calcium consumption and drink plenty of fluids. If it is a stone, you may be able to flush it out, but you'll need medical assistance either way.

Best of luck.
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