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Suffering from back and leg pain - doctor claims that its nothing


I am 22 years. Ive been dealing with severe lower back, buttock, thigh, calf, ancle, heel and foot pain for two months now. The center of pain is always changing -sometime my inner thigh hurts, sometimes my outer thigh hurts, and sometime mzy feet hurts. Point is, that the place of the pain is always changing.
My doctor checked both my ancle and knee reflexes and told me that they were both intact and working perfectly. She then chekced my sensation in both legs and made a straight leg test - both were fine. Then she made a FABER test in which it was positive with pain in my hips. Basically she said that it wasnt a herniated disc (she also ordered a xray in which everything was normal - she refuses to give me a MRI)
It should also be noted that my knee tendons are loose in the affected leg, and that I have a curvy foot (medially around the big toe, and when I walk the medial part of my foot doesnt touch the ground very well)

So my questions are:

1)Lets assume that it is a herniated disc - does the pain move around like that? I mean I thoguht that the pain would be following the course of the nerve affected, insted of affecting different places ?
2)If its not a herniated disc - then what could it be? My doctors seems so convinced that its NOT a herniated or bulging disc, that she wont even order a MRI.. :s :s
3) Could my sciatic pain be a result of my foot or knee problems?

Thanks alot in advance - Iam so desperate after some answers, since my doctor doesnt care that much or at least thinks that my condition will go away

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