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Surgery didn't work... help...

I had a diskectomy back in May 09 because I had a Big heriated disc and a protrusion pressing on my root nerves L4- L5-S1. Well I was in so much pain and my left leg is pins and needles with foot drop. My right leg is also showing symptoms now too. I had a nerve conductor test done and was told that my L5 nerve is pinched pretty bad and S1 & L4 nerve impuleses are not good but not as bad as my L5. I had an MRI and it shows a large area of scar tissue has formed and is pressing on my nerves. I am not sure what to do... Dr wants me to go to pain management Dr for the  steroidal shot but it didn't work the first two times why should I try it again?  Plus they could not get a vein for anesthesia so I had to have it with out anesthesia. (Very painful btw when you have a bad back to begin with) I am diabetic and I worry that I could lose my leg or foot if that nerve dies. I have been in so much pain for so long that it is getting depressing cause I can not do what I love to do any more. Also I was told that they could surgically remove the scar tissue but there is no guarentee that the scar tissue will not come back and maybe even worse - if possible. Please help not sure what to do...
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I had a discectomy  that did not work. Had to go back four months later and surgeon said he 'thought' the discectomy would leave enough room for the entrapped nerve but it did not. (basically he made wrong judgement call).  I am six weeks post op, had an EMG and it showed I have nerve damage from the prolonged pinching, (nerve root compression) but the dr. says this will heal but over a long period of time.
I went to a new surgeon who says I also have major problems at L5 that need to be addressed also and it probably won't be possible to tell which symptoms come from what until surgery is done at L5 and even then, we won't know.
My guess with you, and it is only a guess, is that you simply didn't have the correct surgery.  I would look for another surgeon, preferably someone who specializes in minimally invasive back surgery.  Or, if you are willing to travel, I can give you the name of a great doctor in Florida.
Best wishes to you and God bless...........................
873227 tn?1255001666
Thank you for posting back to me. I live in Tampa, FL area and I would love to get the name of a good Dr. I can travel if I have too. I am sorry you are having problems too. Back pain is the worst.
Best holiday wishes to you...
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