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T1-T2 disk herniation

Hi all
I was hit by some flying freight and it herniated the disk between T1 and T2 and wacked out my thoracic area.  I went to the Emergency room after the pain got so bad I thought I would die. (down right arm, right shoulder, upper back and finally came around to front right chest)  Even after 18+ months things still haven't stabilized.  I can't lift much weight or even do light yard work without flare up of pain and tingling in hands, arms, and even goes into feet, legs.  Anyone heard of any T1-T2 fusion or something that will stabilize that disk.  The tingling that progresses from hands, up arms and into shoulders (at times) really worries me (as does the feet /leg tingling increase).
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I read your post and I have some of the same issues or at least had. I had surgery a micro discectomy to my lower back it was the worst pain I have ever felt word of warning they don't tell you how bad it feels after the surgery but it does and it does go away. I had well I call them zings going thru my body. usually ending with the tingle feeling in my toes. the surgery has helped some it was sketchy at first but it has been 3 weeks after and  some ways I am better and in others worse. they say it takes time but I hate that saying I feel like unless they have gone thru the pain that they just don't understand. no pain pills seem to work and that because its the nerves that are bothered. tried ice and it just never reaches deep enough to be able to numb where the pain comes from. in other words it totally blows. I am still healing and cant walk too far and can't reach my right foot they tell me it will take time but im not sure how long I have read some of the posts on this community and seems like these people have problems for years I hope you get yours fixed but if you ever want someone to talk to that might understand a little you can send me an email. @ ***@**** wish you luck in fixing your back.
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Yes Jack, doctors do thoracic fusion surgery, but these procedures are complicated by the chest anatomy, and not as common as cervical/lumbar surgery.

Do you have a diagnosis of thoracic disc disease? I realize that pain makes us desperate to "fix it" but don't jump to surgery until you have explored all the options.

My own back problems are an example that waiting for treatment instead of rushing to fusion surgery can be the best option. I have had a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease for a long time, and balked at the complications of surgery for many years. A few years ago I found an interventional pain doc who resolved a majority of my pain non-surgically, with nerve ablation procedures.

Based on my own experience, I'd advise you to get a workup at an interventional pain clinic, perhaps in a local university teaching hospital.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix in chronic pain. Surgery can exacerbate pain. Sometimes the decision for surgery is a no-brainer, but in many cases, surgery is not the answer. And surgery is so final -- you can't "undo" a change to your anatomy. A good rule of thumb for those of us experiencing back pain is to avoid surgery until you've explored all the other options. In the mean time, your doctors should be attempting to manage your pain medically.

I've found that perseverance and a willingness to learn all you can about your condition and all available treatment options are the two things needed to live with long-term back disease. Also, you need a good team of practitioners to help you through this time of severe pain. There's good doctors and therapists out there and it's your mission to find them.

best wishes.
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My dad just went in by ambualnce as he experienced the same pain and tingling and as a result his chest down is paralyzed....he has emerge fusion surgery and day 1 after surgey still has no feeling or movement as he had herniation on the spine btwn T1 and T2 very rare. Please take this seriously and seek medical attention as soon as possible just in case.
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