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Thorasic pine surgery

I have been diagnosed with 3 disk protrusions at T8 - 9 and T5 and 6  this sounds like two but the doc says 3 and one minor one below inthe low pine some where.    I have had an injection of steriods between T8 and 9 the pain was unreal durring and after the injection I could barely walk for 3 days due to the spams through out my intire back and tail bone area. This injection seemed to open pandora's box as the radiating heat/burning spasms have gotten worse and are more wide spread now, effecting my lower back more intestly, I can not sit for more that 30 minutes at my desk at work or in my car with out the burning and pressure pain through out my back.  I also have random stabbing pain in my spine in these areas. I frequently have to lay down to make it feel better through out the day.
I was having intense heading aches lasting for weeks, they are the only thing that got better after the injection, they are still there and just as intense but only last for a few hours hours now instead of days.
** My spine doctor has told my twice that I do not wmat to have surgery there, but I am not clear on why.
I have comleted phys therpy, and am in no way better, some of the exercises have no effect and some make to pain 10 times worse after doing them, I have disscused this with the phys therpy tech.  the longer I am upright the worse the pain gets.  I am a physicaly strong person, and have never had issues withback strength.

** My question is, Why would I not want to have surgury in those / that area if it would stop the pain?  would it stop the pain?
Can anyone help me with info about this kind of treatment/surgery.   I can not find much info at all on the net for discussions about this are of the spine.  or have any advise.    I have taken a lot of time off work and am scared I will lose my job and my medical usurance.  
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I would suggest you read this following forum thread

t8-t9 disc herniation


Good luck
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I'm typing this for my daughter as that motion is difficult for her.  She has 7 herniated thoracic discs namely 3,4,5,6,7,8  and 10 with 5 & 6 being the worst.  She also has 4 herniated cervical discs, spondylosis, stenosis and arthritis.  She is 49 years old.  She can really relate to your pain as she's lived it too.  The reason that thoracic surgery is not performed except in severe cases is that it's a risky surgery and often not all that successful.  To reach the area, it's necessary to enter from the chest, and deflate a lung.  Recovery is long and painful.  In my daughter's case, she's been out of work for 3 years and did lose her insurance.  While worlds better that she was at the onset, still struggles daily and is never without pain, but continues to hope that someday she will be well enough to resume her life again.  She has been to a myriad of doctors, months with a pain clinic, had MRI's, CT scans, tests, therapy, injections, TENS. lotions, pillows -  everything short of voodoo.  The most help she received was from a Chiropractor skilled in the MacKenzie method who taught her some stretching exercises, plus the things she's done on her own.  She believes that time is her greatest ally.  I truly hope you'll find someone who will be able to help you and give you some relief.  Thoracic disc problems are just not that common, I believe the statistics are about 5%, with lumbar and cervical being most.
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