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Traps, Neck, and Back Pain

So to start, I had surgery to repair my torn labrum on my right shoulder back at the end of 2009. The surgery was arthroscopic, went really well. I wore a sling for a month and then did 3 months of rehab. After that, I slowly got back into lifting and exercising and within the year (2010), I was back to my old self lifting heavy and going all out at the gym. It was great and I didn't think I'd ever have a problem again. Wrong.

Later in the summer, I was doing shrugs (dumb and useless, I know) and ended up straining my trap muscle. I could barely move my neck and it was decently painful. After 3 days, it felt good and I thought I was fine. Within a week or so, I went back to the gym again and started off with my normal routine. My routine consisted of a lot of cycles, and there was virtually little to no rest. I would usually do something like calves or (prior to my trap injury) or shrugs or abs in between. This time, I went kinda heavy while doing a barbell curl and hurt my trap again. This was worse than the last time. I had to hold my head sideways for a couple days and it took a 2 weeks or so before I started feeling better. It just never felt right, though. I went to physical therapy and they pretty much told me that it was the way I carried myself, and that I needed to strengthen my back and such to carry myself properly. I guess they thought my shoulders were kinda rounded and I needed to roll my shoulder blades down and back. I did a lot of stretches and exercises that would strengthen my shoulder blades and what not. At the end of ,my weekly session, they would give me a good massage on my neck and upper back, followed by applying an ice pack for 20 minutes or so. They suggested I ice every night before bed for 20 minutes. After the massages, I would feel great and it would last for 4-6 days.

I never thought this diagnosis was 100% correct, and I still disagree with it. There's something else going on in my back/neck/traps.
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Continued. Every time I adjust my back or my shoulders, I feel a million things popping around and bones/muscles rolling. This never happened prior to the trap accident. The physical therapists insisted this was normal. There's no way. This is not normal, there's something wrong here. I want to get back to normal and be able to work out regularly once again. Please help me or point me in the direction of someone who can. I'm in China right now and will be for the next year, so my resources are somewhat limited. Perhaps there is some home care or techniques I can utilize. Maybe a chiropractor is the solution. I don't know. I just know I need help and I'm hoping I came to the right place. Thank you in advance.
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