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Understanding MRI findings

I am having some trouble understanding my MRI findings. I have general defined the words, but cannot seem to truly make heads of my findings. Last year in August, my results showed spondylolisthesis and and disc degeneration. My doctor didn't explain these conditions. She only referred my to a PT and perscribed NSAID'S and muscle relaxers. These do not help the continuos pain. The PT makes the pain worsen. Any help would be appreciated. Here are my results; nonenhanced 1.5-T cervical spine MRI. FINDINGS: There is minimal reversal of cervical lodosis. Axial images reveal mild facet and unconvertebral osteoarthtitis with mild-moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing at C4-C5 and diffuse disc bulge; there is mild spinal canal narrowing. There is mild left-sided foraminal narrowing at C7-T1. Mild spondylosis is seen.  The most significant degenerative changes are present at L4-L5 level with severe disc disease, associated endplate degenerative marrow change, diffuse disc bulge, mild-to-moderate spinal canal narrowing and moderate to severe facet osteoarthritis. Mild to moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing is present. No definite disc herniation is seen at L4-L5 level.
At L5-S!, a central disc protrusion is present which may be slightly smaller then on the 8/11/2006 exam. Minimal spinal cannal narrowing is present. there is moderate facet osteoarthritis. minimal foraminal narrowing is present.
At L3-L4, diffuse annular disc, mild spinal canal narrowing, and mild-to-moderate facet osteoarthritis are seen.
Grade 1 spondylolisthesis is seen at L4-L5, estimated 5 mm. Minimal retrolithesis(less than 5 mm) is seen at L5-S. Disc degeneration is seen at L5-S1 as well. For purpose of the study, the caudil-most large disc interspace is designated as L5-S1. Little interval change since 8/11/2006 with severe spondylosis at L4-L5. EXAM- thoracic spine. There may be endplate osteophyte/syndesmophyte formation within the mid and lower aspects of the thoracic spine. Mild spondylosis of the thoracic spine.
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what are your symptoms??? what kind of work do you do? are you overweight? how is your posture??
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continuous pain in neck and center/lower back. sometimes stabbing and severe aches. mgmt retail sales, not overweight, good almost great posture. although my back feels better if i could only walk and stand like Quasimodo. numbness in both hands and tingles, same in left leg.
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it is possible thjat all your symptoms are muscular in origin. You may think your posture is great but it may not be. I'D CONTACT A WOMAN NAMED JOLIE BOOKSPAN and possible arrange to go to one of her clinics. check out her website--
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why did you say "not overweight" when your profile says "obese"?
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Here is a translation of the main stuff:

You have some loss of your normal curve in your neck, there are signs of osteoarthritis in your neck, the holes through wich nerves pass in your neck are shown to be smaller then they are normally on both sides at 4th cervical vertebrae with the disc sticking out, the canal that hold your spinal cord in smaller then normal, spondylosis refers to the alignment of the vertebrae (google it for a pic), disc disease means a decrease in height of disc and less able to support force, have some boney growth off the endplates (looks like spurs), L5-S1 disc is protruding centrally (anterior) putting pressure on the end of the cord (well, whats left of it anyways)

grade 1 is lowest grade, means the L4 vertebral body has slipped forward by 1/4 on L5, retro is the opposite, mean L5 slipped backwards

Those are the main things, let me know if you have any questions, and check out my site if you need more info on anything www.chirofatcs.info
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