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Undiagnosed Back/RUQ Pain, getting married in one month

Started in GI forum.

28 Year old Male , 5'8" 250 lbs(obese).  No significant conditions.  Standard seasonal and cat allergies.

Some skin issues, often dry/red skin over bony areas and inside of joints (collarbone, inside elbow, knee).  Lotion helps, hot showers make worse. Diagnosed to be eczema.  I only mention this because It often occurs on my back as well.

Should note, office job(3 years), intricate computer work and need for new glasses often causes poor posture.  Additionally, back never 100%.

Weight loss since Feb of 33 lbs due to diet / excercise.  Note, gym for first time in life starting in January. (Improper weight lifting?)

Haven't been to a doctor in some time due to seemingly good health / lack of insurance until recently.  Last time I went for non-checkup issues was 8 years ago, had abd. pain that seemed to go away on its own.  All kinds of blood panels, MRI, nothing.

Felt like I pulled a muscle under left rib at the gym when i layed on my stomach on a machine after doing abd. exercises.  Pain was pretty sharp, but instantaneous.  Ached for a week after.  Some neck pain recently(although I don't remember doing it before now, reconnected with an old friend that says he remembers me doing it around the time I had previous abd pain), alleviated by (don't preach I've stopped, even before this whole situation) neck cracking.  

Week 1
Had appointment w. GP due to pain in RUQ of abdomen.

Week 2
Had weekend with alot of spicy, fatty, sugary, acidy foods.

Woke early with pain in what patient thought was right kidney area and more pronounced pain in RUQ than week 1.

Made immediate appointment for that morning.

Kidney stones ruled out with Urinalysis.

EKG ruled out heart.

Bloodwork scheduled

Week 3

Patient began to feel progressively better

Normal bloodwork back, except elevated WBC.

Abdominal ultrasound scheduled to rule out gallbladder.

Patient began to feel much worse after ultrasound, felt as if pressure from ultrasound probe pressing had made symptoms worse.

Ultrasound Normal, no gallstones.  Small gallbladder polyp.

End of week patient had pain thought to be heartburn.  GP recommended Prilosec OTC to control symptoms.

HIDA Scan scheduled.

Week 4

HIDA scan.

Patient experiencd increased gastrointestinal discomfort.

Week 5

HIDA scan normal.

GI Appointment scheduled.

Day before/of GI appointment patient experienced irregular digestive systems in the form of undigested food in yellow stool.

GP reccomended ceasing Prilosec.

GI scheduled CT/Upper GI.  Also suggested musculoskeletal causes.

GI prescribed Dexilant PPI.

Patient left PPIs at inaccessible location, could not get them for 2 days.  

Total reversal in what thought to be GI pain.

Now reduced to RUQ and back pain.  

Week 6

GI pain/functional impairment alleviated with cessation of PPIs(normal/low stomach acid coupled w. ppis?).

NSAIDs (Anti-inflammatories) alleviate pain, but I don't want to rely on them.

Postural attention reduces radiating pain and ruq/abd pain, more localized pain under shoulderblade or next to shoulder blade.  (do not seem to occur at same time).  Extended periods of correct posture, cause sensation of extreme pressure(sometimes feel as if spine is going to left) across back, have to go slack for 1/2 a minute to resume correct posture.  Intermittent pain in extremities(seems posturally related).  1-2x pain down leg.  Extremity pain did not start until I starting paying attention to posture(overdoing it, maybe?)

Standing is better than sitting.

Clicking in back caused by deep breaths, occasional "clunk" in back, feeling as if verts are moving back into place when standing up from a chair or getting out of bed.  (Had occurred previously, but had not tracked due to GI direction of treatment, back was never 100%).

So, in summary, right now, 80% of the time I have pain under shoulder blade.  50% of the time RUQ too(poor posture seems to cause this).  When it doesn't hurt under my shoulder blade (seems posturally related) it hurts next to it, in between spine.  Sometimes (seems to be when fully balanced shoulders.  Have "L" shaped couch, if i sit in the crook, and put both arms so shoulders stay even, can alleviate pain somewhat.) it does go away and feel as if its an itch or tingle in same area.  Clicking mid-back while breathing in deep, deeper "clunk" while going from poor posture (sitting / bed) to standing.

Really depressing that I made this life change of diet and exercise, only to be stunted by something.

Getting married in 50ish days, really want an answer by then.

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