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Upper Right Back Pain = ?
Sept. 23, 2008

About 5-6 yrs ago I was seeing a back doctor
for my lower back herniated disk BUT then was
having severe pain in my upper right back shoulder blade
area whenever I did a few chores. They did all kinds of
tests, x-rays, tried Injections...

Finally Dr. said it may be some kind of joint syndrom to
do with the ribs meet the back and the nerves and muscles
but never came up with a name or solution. One word I
think he used was "costo" in the joint syndrom name...

Sometimes it will include all of the middle back area as well.

I have lived with this now for years. What I have to do when it
gets bad is sit in a hardback chair, press my back against
a wall or mostly immed. lay down til it calms down.

At least with my lower back {as painful as it can be if tweaked}
I know what it is and what to do for it. I am always using
moist heat & cold packs I keep in the freezer {nerver w/o them!}
for most back and neck pains.

I just recently had an MRI for my new neck pain when I was
walking & found 2-herniated disk in neck plus some form of
shoulder and right elbow pain -- for that they just said maybe
tendinitis and gave me an injection in the shoulder...

Anyway--- If anyone could relate to this upper right back pain
and maybe knows what it is or treatments it would be
greatly appreciated!  I tried chiro-massage-- only said the
rib cage on that side was extreemly stiff...

Kindest Regards,

Bill @ 64 hanging in there to the end :)
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