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Urgent response needed to my side/back pain

Last Friday I fell on my hardwood floor. 2 days later on Sunday night I had a slight pain in my left and right sides. It wasn't severe. I thought the pain was similar to the pain I experience when I don't drink water for a while. I drank water all night Sunday and Monday at work. Monday evening at home I took a hot bath and the pain got worse on my right side and my back. The pain was excruciating. I could not stand up straight or turn or bend.  It felt like something inside my body was twisting and turning. It caused me to scream and cry. The pain and feeling happend when I tried to sit or stand. If I stood still it may pause for 2 seconds then start up again.

I am out of work so I had to go to the public hospital emergency room. They took a urine sample and x ray of my body. The nurse suspected kidney stones but the x ray and urine test came back fine. They prescribed neproxin and told me to put heat on it and drink lots of water. It is wednesday and the pain is still happening. It is not as severe as before but there is a constant throbbing and twisting on my right side and  the mid area  of my back between my hips and the bottom of my shoulder blade.

I don't what it is but I can't imagine having this pain longer than another day. What could it be? What kind of doctor do I need to see? What kind of tests do I need to get?

Please help me someone. ***@****
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Well since you fell and I think you are eluding to the fact that you cant see a doctor due to insurance?  I would go back to the hospital again if you are in that much pain.  Maybe it is from the fall, maybe not.  You did not have an MRI so you dont know if you did any damage during the fall, x-rays will only tell you if you fractured something.  If you can see a doctor you would go to your primary care physician, bring your discharge papers from the hospital and explain exactly what happened, what you are taking, results from any tests done in the hospital and let your primary direct you or order any additional tests he/she may feel is necessary.

good luck
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Sometimes you have to be very persistant to get any results. When you go to the ER they check only the most common things first relating to your individual symptoms. I would ask for an MRI, even if it doesn't show anything, if you continue to have pain you will need to be persistant to get any results. It sounds like you could possibly have a pinched nerve. Anyway, x rays will show only bones and such. An MRI picks up muscles and nerves and other tissues. I'm having a lot of trouble myself and would not wish it on anyone so I wish you the vey best of luck!
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Thank you for responding to my desperate plea. The pain has lessened some. I could lay down and sleep last night. I have been looking to see if a stone passed but I don't see anything. I am making an appointment for a mri and to see a urologist.
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