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I am a 63 yr old female in relatively good health.  I have been experiencing a gradual weakness in my left little finger and ring finger.  I am right handed.  I had a nerve conduction test and an MRI of my elbow.  The MRI came back negative.  I do not even have arthritis in my elbow which is a good thing.  I have not gotten the resutls back yet from the nerve conduction test, but the performing doc said he thought I was deaing with perhaps some ulna nerve problem and some carpal tunnel but he seems think I have "problems higher up my arm, back or neck."  The weakness is not limited to my fingers though, it also incorporates my strength in lifting my hand while holding something.  For example lifting a clothes hanger with a shirt on it to the rod in a closet (over my head).  But I do not have any trouble just lifting my arm or hand.  In April 07 I fell off a ladder in my kitchen.  I landed on the best spot to land if you have to fall:my left side on the meatiest part of my rump.  I have no ill effects and did not see a doctor.  Could this thing with my hand be related?  Should I mention it to the treating doc?  This is starting to affect my typing speed as I have to turn my wrist up to reach the top row of the letters q & w. Thank you for you info.
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Sounds like it's your Ulinary Nerve which affects your hand and fingers and can be verified through an EMG. I had this operation performed in 1983 and now 60 years old. The nerve somehow flattens or gets pinched and some baseball pitchers suffer from same. Here were my symtoms prior to seeing a Neurologist for EMG. This mainly effects your little finger and "Only Half" of your ring finger. You probably are begining to get Atrophy in your right hand "Weakness". This is the same nerve as they refer to as hitting your "Crazy Bone". When your elbow bone hits the Ulinary Nerve and you get that sensation in your elbow. OK if you chose to have surgery I would opt for a Neuro Surgeon but either can do it Neuro or Ortho. You must beware of a few things if you chose an operation. Blood will tend to collect at the elbow as it is a joint and I had a drain tube inserted at that point. I also had an air machine Tube for your Arm that wrapped around where I had the surgery so blood won't collect and form an abnormal amount of "Scar Tissue" which could really give you trouble over Long Run with much pain and discomfort. You must follow through with Therapy and I emphasize "Must" to regain the muscle back in your right hand. I will call my operation a success but can not bring my little finger in to the ring finger there the muscle is too weak. I can manually push it over and hold it there. Good Luck and Success
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