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What Is Causing My Sporadic Neck Pain For The Past 2 Years?

I have had neck pain that comes and goes for the past 2 to 2 1/2 years.  I first noticed little lumps inside the right & left side of my neck a long time ago I was around 18.  A few weeks after noticing those little lumps my neck started hurting, usually severe headaches followed.  I was like that for around 6 months but I will say around that time I was under a lot of stress.  The reason why I say that is because I noticed that when the stress went away and also when my relationship ended the pain went away as well.   However the lumps never went away.  I am still single and I do not think I am or have been under any sort of stress or sever stress for the past months yet I seem to have gone back to that neck pain.  My lumps are still there I am 20 years old now and I have had these lumps and neck pain for the past 6 months now.  I have noticed that when I sleep too little they tend to hurt.  The reason why I am asking is because I am genuinely worried.  Early this year I was at the local fair and for some reason scratched under my chin and noticed a lump in there as well and I freaked out and after touching it, it gave me a lot of pain.  A few days later I went to the doctor and he did not seem worried at all.  He didn't even do much except for touch and ask questions for like 10 minutes but he surely did not forget to bill me a whopping amount of money.  Anyway he touched my side lumps and then I told him about the one under the chin and he felt it as well.  He then said not to worry about anything because it was most likely swollen lymph nodes just signaling me of an infection or a coming one.  Sure enough a few days later went by and I developed an abscess in my throat due to a staph or strep throat infection.  I do not know which one because although the doctors ran tests they never told me which one it was.  I kept asking and they just never specified one would use the term staph the other strep.  After that I had pain for a while and my tonsils took weeks if not months to go down.  They still look bigger than normal.  As for the bump under my chin it eventually went away.  However the lumps on the sides of my neck are still there.  They don't really quite grow in size at all they are one definite size, but sometimes i feel like there's is more than other times.  Lately they have been giving me a lot of pain.  Yesterday I had to take painkillers to calm the pain.  I remember the doctor saying it could sometimes be due to a cold sore, a simple cold/flu or other viral infections, an acne flare, and so on.  I have lately been piercing my body I gauged my ears and as of last week I pierced my nose.  I do not know if that can be causing  it because of infection or just because the body is rejecting it.  Also sometimes when I do not have time to shave I get an ingrown hair or two around my beard I do not know if those can cause infection and cause my neck pain.  I am just trying to list as much as I possibly can because I hope to get an answer.  The reason why I hope for an answer so bad is because I have already gone to the doctor's twice he never seemed worried and kept charging me obscene amounts of money for a 10 minute consultation that consisted of a Q&A.  Also unfortunately I have been without any healthcare coverage plan and recently out of my mother's insurance coverage so when I had the strep incident I was charged 13,000 dollars so I kind of am hesitant to just go to the doctor and have it be something not alarming like just swollen lymph nodes due to infection.  The doctors did a scan on my neck and stuck me in the tube and found nothing out of the norm except for the abscess in my throat.  l hope to hear from someone soon.  Thank you.
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I forgot to mention that I have also noticed that sometimes even my left ear hurts (internally) and that sometimes I forget to dry my ears after showering ( I love sticking my head under the shower for long periods of time).  I do not know if that can be causing an ear infection or the neck pain.  Also as of last night I noticed that it seems like I might be coming down with a simple cold, i don't know if maybe that can be causing the pain for the past few days.
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