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What to do??? Need a lawyer or not???

I have went to a ENT to schedule a surgery to have my Thyroid out, all of it. Due to the fact that my Mother passed from thyroid complications, And I was now diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, and had 2 non cancerous tumors, and antibodies in mt thyroid. My Endocrinologist has stated I probably have had this problem for decades and the best thing is to have it removed with the family history of thyroid disease and my symptoms and test results. He sent me to a surgeon to schedule the surgery. Well she refused to do as we wanted, meaning me, my husband, the specialist and my family Dr. She would not take it all out. She stated that A little thyroid was better then none, we had a debate, and her on her know it all high horse was very non compassionate and rude with her tone etc...  Even after explanning my situation and wants and needs. NO GO!!!!!!!
We;; we went ahead and had the right side out as well as the center,and a node. Specimens sent to the pathologist. report came back "CANCER" now very very tiny tumors 2 of them. Ok. Now what???
Well 1st of all my specialist thought she had taken it all out, he was upset over this, so that tells me she did not communicate with him upon her decision. Oh and he was also pissed because she had not told me they found cancer.
My incision got infected, and I broke out in a rash, and seeping from sight. She was rude to me upon my post op appt. Asking me what happened, why was this rash there, why was the incision torn and jagged etc...... Insinuating I had neglected myself or did not follow orders. Because I had to cancel my appt due to truck breaking down and go in 2 or 3 days later. She refused to let me go to my Dr or and ER to have the stitch removed and incision checked.
Oh and also discharged me from the hospital on a Saturday evening Labor day weekend, no pharmacy in my area was open till Tuesday, no pain meds!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, long story short, had to have the rest of my Thyroid removed due to the Cancer diagnosis. She was all nicey nice, and apologetic about having to go back in again. I said not as effin upset as I am. I also stated to her PA, that this should not be going on, I should not have to have a 2nd operation if she did what we all wanted, he was there at the 1st meeting also. I was so distraught and crying and my anxiety was thru the roof, not to mention depressed.
Had the 2nd surgery this past Thursday, 10/16/2014, Right before going into the Or, she states in front of my family members, that I had broke the hospital record in staying in longer then anyone else with a thyroid surgery. WELL, I was draining really bad, hence why I think I got the rash and infection because she discharged me too soon while still draining more then should be for discharge. And states I will be going home tomorrow!!!!! OK, now the next morning she comes into my room, husband asks her why my incision looked all messy and was seeping? She comes over and asks me what I was on, what kind of supplements do I take, that I had to be taking something because this should not be happening. And in 27 years she has never had a patient like me!!!!! My husband had her change my dressing and clean it. She then once again gives us her orders on care and not to get the site wet, but I can shower. A appx. 6 inch slice on my throat and I can not get ti wet, but I can shower. So my hunny asked her if we should cover it, she started yelling at him, No No u do not cover it blah blah blah, he was upset, turned so red with humiliation and her PA looked at me, I said he has taken better care of me then most would have, and she looked at me, I gave hera dirty look, she turned to him and calmed her high horse attitude down and said, yes you are doing a great job with your wife, and politely explained why we do not cover it. Oh and before that she screamed at him to LEARN AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!!!! yeah right........Tells him I was 3 weeks late for my post op, which is why I had the infection and rash, it was hiis fault and this time I better be there when scheduled. I was 3 days late and her office does the scheduling, so my next appt is the 28th. 12 days after surgery????? Confused and need to knw how to handle this. I do not like her, trust her and am so upset I have to go back to her. My anxiety is all over the place, can not stop crying, and depressed just the thought of her talking to me in thia manner.
O and I also have pictures as well as videos from start to present, due to wanting to post them for info on Hashimoto's and Thyroid surgery.
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You sound very angry, and I've waited a week or so to answer your question.

Do you still feel like you need to "lawyer up." (I like that expression.)

I'm not sure how a lawyer can help with this case, other than to lend a friendly ear.

Certainly there was rudeness shown, but I can't discern any mistreatment or medical mishap here.

Surgical incisions will weep, and complications to surgery occur -- this is why surgeons have you sign a consent to surgery before they lift a knife, where you assert that you're aware of the risks of surgery, and that you accept that the surgeon is not responsible for complications related to these risks. You can be sure that they have fully "lawyered up" before they began to practice surgery.

I sincerely hope that you are feeling better, your wounds are healing, and your pain is dissolving. If so, I suggest that you let this experience go, move on, and live a happy and healthy life.

Best wishes.
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