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Why did she lie about MRI?

MD did not get my MRI results after my MRI. Prior to third post MRI appointment I called imaging to have them send it  They said they had sent it the next day. They re sent it. When I got to my appointment a PA I had never seen there took me before everyone else in the waiting room and 10 minutes before my appointment time. She was short and did not make sense telling me there were no post op changes. ( I have had fusion with auto graft three times  and am fused at C3/4, 4/5, 5/6, and 6/7). I calmly questioned her because my pain level says otherwise. She angrily repeated it and added neural foramina patent.Then she said we are done and you have to check out in the front not the back. They were mean like they never wanted me to come back and I have not complained at all or done anything wrong. When I looked at the MRI it says Extensive post -op changes in two very visible places. It also says that C2/3 is bulging into anterior thecal sac. That I have mild anterolisthesis with C7 onT1 and the anterior disc is displacing the prevertebral soft tissues . It also says that T1/2 is herniated and indenting the thecal sac eccentric to the left of midline. It also said straightening of cervical lordosis and the metal was obscuring the  view in some areas.. What does it mean? Why would she say no changes? I am so perplexed and feel like a leper.
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OK. I hear your frustration, but I do not understand your case. Did you come here to vent your frustration, or do you want some answers?

Was this the surgeon's office that did the surgery? You say that this was the third session post op. What happened at the other two?

Was this one 4-level cervical fusion operation or is your fusion the result of multiple operations?

Why did you need fusion on so many levels? What were your diagnoses?

Do you have your pre-op MRI report?

What kind of risks were you facing with this extreme surgical procedure? Were you informed of those risks? Did you sign the paperwork acknowledging the risks of surgery?

What do you want us to do?

Please provide more information, and perhaps we can comment. Right now, I can't get past your anger.
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If I were you I would call the office and ask to speak to the Dr. Tell the Dr that when you made this appointment you expected to see him/her and not an assistant. I would also tell them that your MRI clearly says there are changes but the assistant told you there were no changes. You have to ask if they did indeed receive your MRI.
You're looking for answers but were not given any. No patient should be treated this way. Do call the Dr on Monday and explain what happened. Ask if they have your MRI results and if they don't then you may have to go back to the imaging center to get a copy. If they do have them make another appointment and ask to get in as soon as possible and tell them you will see no one except your Dr.
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I am not angry. I have been dealing with this since an attack on February 1994. My surgeon was awesome. I had three separate operations over a 10 year period. He only did 2 levels at first. Only did others when I had deficits I just moved here. I was not able to get an MRI since 2005. It was a new Pain Management MD. I just was perplexed why they would treat me like this. In the past when UCLA saw stuff like that in my MRI they referred me. I have had some amazing Doctors and Nurses.
Anyway, my Florida neighbors said it is because I am in Florida and I have an HMO. The office I went to advertises pain management but is moving to anti-aging. My neighbors said Pain Management is in a crisis in Florida due to the DEA. The legislature is trying to fix it.Obviously, I was not clear when I said perplexed and rejected. If you had heard my voice you would have understood I am deeply hurt not angry. Hope it makes it clear to you but I do not think this forum is for me.Totally off the mark! She was angry and I did not understand but now I do. It is a local issue.
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By the way there was no problem getting my pain prescription.But they did not want to make my next appt.They did because I did not do anything wrong-up. I was thinking you were going to accuse me of being angry because I did not get my pain medication. It is mild. In Florida you have to go to a Licensed Pain Management MD if you have chronic pain. Even if you get just a nightime non narcotic. You see 21 years of pain kinda makes you an expert on normal pain management office procedures and doctors. My doc was probably 10 when I got attacked. Come on let's face it -it is far more lucrative and less risky(medical malpractice) to help people stay young. I do not blame him.I get it. But why did she say no changes. When it was clear there were. Of course, I expected there to be. It was my first post-op MRI in 9 year.  I am cancelling my follow up with them and going to another MD as others have advised. I am not a fighter - I am a flighter!
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It's Remar again. I'm so sorry you went through that. I'm just wondering if they did not get your MRI results, or, got them and misplaced them. What ever is going on, you deserve an answer. There are clearly changes on your MRI and you need to find out what's going on.I don't live in Fla but one of my very dear friends here on MH does and she fills me in on what's happening in that state. Do give that office a call tomorrow and ask to speak with the Dr. If, for some reason he won't see you, then you might want to go and pick up your records and see a different Dr. You did absolutely nothing wrong, they did by treating you so badly.
Please keep posting here. We do care about you and we're here to help any way we can.
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Hi Fellow Floridian,

Welcome! I hear your frustration and confusion. You've asked a great question - why did they say they saw nothing? Why did they not want to make another appointment? Crazy! Something's going on in that clinic. I too would run!

I live in FL also. I can attest to the way we Chronic Pain patients are treated by many and most physicians and even PMP. I live in the Panhandle are you close my friend in pain?  

I agree with Remar. I would ask to see the physician - one last time and not his/her assistant.

Additionally get your medical records and read them! You may be surprised at what you discover.

I don't know of any legislation in FL that is attempting to help we chronic pain patients. Please enlighten me. I've been told our Attorney General is solid against opiates for chronic pain. All Physicians are in fear for their practice and license. It's a crying shame.  

I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Rudeness is never acceptable. I hope you'll be active in our community. I'll look forward to hearing more from you.

My Best to You,
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OK -- I was off the mark.It happens with amazing regularity. Ask anyone around here.

Right now, I've got to go deal with those people who manage our country's "safety net" before they close for the day, but if you would like some insight into my response, I'll be happy to parse it for you sometime, if you stick around.

It had zero to do with medications.
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Tuckamore is my dear friend that I told you about. She lives in Fla too. She gave you great advice.
I'm anxious to hear if you called the Drs office today. I hope you did and I really hope you can get this figured out. Please remember that we're here to help any way we can.
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