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back pain after eating when breathing

I have sharp pain in the left side of my back, mid-way up. Earlier today I was eating a hamburger with a very hearty bun and with each swallow it almost seems to lodge in my esophagus more and more! For many hours after I had pain from my chest straight through to my back. Now it is just my back. It hurts to breath deeply, and to move certain ways. And now even my left arm feels weird (swollen feeling, warm). THANK YOU, THANK YOU to anyone who will answer.
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Hi there. I'm not sure if this will help, or if this is the answer that your looking for...
I suffer from a lack of Oxygen in my blood. Which causes severe pain from my heart, through my chest, to the left side of my back and left arm. Its also painfull and difficult to breath. Especialy when my diet is wrong and I eat the wrong kinds of food, which puts pressure on your heart, for example, foods that are fatty, do I expierence this. My left arm usualy gets very numb, I cant breath and it sometimes feels like I have a fever just in my arm. Its basicly a very light version of a heart attack, but it cant be classified as one, because it wont go that far. Its a genetic condition in my case...
I hope this might help a little...
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Thank you. I've never really had this pain before. During the night it localized in my back, very sharply, leaving my chest. Now after breakfast, it's 20% the pain it was before. I read something about possibly it was a flap between the esophagus and stomach that malfunctioned possibly???

I wanted to see if you've ever checked into hydrogen peroxide for you condition? Search it-I'm sure you'll be interested. Basically, by drinking a water and hydrogen peroxide mixed, you oxygenate your entire body. Multitudes of health problems have been helped this way. It boosts your body to work so well that you should drink this in the evening because you won't feel like sleeping far into the night!
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