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back pain

I am a 42-year old relatively sedentary female. I have two children ages 4 and 7. I work 5 days/week at a computer (clinical research). For the past 4 weeeks I have been experiencing back pain, burning sensation with sometimes associated muscular pain. I had x-rays of thoracic and lumbar spine a few days ago.
Thoracic spine: There is mild multilevel degenerative spurring ateriorly. There is mild to moderate kyphosis. There is minimal wedging of T7 and T8 (between 5 and 10%).
Lumbosacral spine:
There is a slight curve, convex to the left. Thre appears to be facet joint osteoarthritis. There are no other abnormalities of note.

My questions:
Is the minimal wedging a concern or is this a common finding for someone of my age?
My physician has sent me for a bone density test. But if it turns out that I do not have osteoporosis is there concern for something more concerning or could this minimal weding be 'normal'.( I had blood tests done 4 months ago....everything fine). Apart from back pain, no other symptoms...
Kyphosis is a 'rounding' of the back. Could kyphosis cause weding or is it a consequence of wedging?
Also, according to the results of the x-ray, is the pain justified....i.e. spurring, etc....

I would greatly appreciate a response.
I am very worried.
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