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hi i have L5 S1 bulge eccentric to the right with an annular tear .it is 9mm .its too painfull and and hard to walk ,siitting down ,my right leg is unable to walk with that ...is that cureable ...or i have to go with that whole life ....am 27 yr old female ..i have one baby and doctor told me 2nd baby is not good for my health ..so plz tell me is that true
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You may need a second opinion from a doctor other than a GYN/OB.  I'd suggest an Orthopedic Specialist.  There are a lot of new therapies for spine rehabilitation.
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Having a second baby given the hinderances that you already have from this annular tear will most likely make your pain 10 times more worse.  The weight added during the pregnancy will apply extra pressure on the L5 S1 disc.

I agree you should see an orthopedic specialist or a spine surgeon.  It is quite possible that surgery could remove this disc and then you can have your second baby without tremendous pain issues.

I have one little boy and I made a personal decision to not have any more children as when I was pregnant with him, I had to go out 6 months before term because I could barely walk.  The two troublesome discs in my low back have only gotten worse and for me surgery is a catch 22 as they can remove the discs in my low back but I will still have pain from the extensive nerve damage in my thoracic spine.  So I have chosen against surgery until all methods for pain relief are exhausted and I have no choice.  So no 2nd baby for me.  But if you only have pain issues from your lower back, it is likely surgery could fix the problem so that you will be able to endure the pregnancy.

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