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back pain

upper back pain in between my shoulder blades is painfull and got a dull feeling its been there just over a month can any one help me out please cause its stressing me out.
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scorpio, i'm not a doctor but i have back pain between my shoulder blades - i have a lot of other pain, too but the pain in that area is the worst for me. mine is caused by degenerative disc disease, severe arthritis, and spinal stenosis. I have problems at c2, c3/4, and c5/6. surgery is not an option for me because i have so much going on. sounds like you might have a problem with one or more of your disc, too. you should go to your pcp (primary care physician) and talk to him/her about getting an MRI of that area. Good luck, I'm sorry you are having pain!
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Likewise no doctor but I also have worn discs between my shoulder blades. This is uncommon in the under 40s (my Dr says). I am 48 and the problem started about 4 years ago. This can be diagnosed by MRI or conventional x-ray.
I'd like to hear what your pain is like. does it travel up and down the spine? Does it reach your neck? Disc related pain varies in type and severity from person to person.
If it is worn discs you'll hopefully be referred to a physiotherapist for advice on what activites to avoid and which exercises can benefit you; i.e. don't ride a bicycle, avoid tiring jobs with arms extended AND you mustnt paint ceilings!! I loved that one....every cloud has a silver lining!
I had a lot of trouble getting a diagnosis for this, the doctor DID NOT want to treat it seriously. Doctors are often skeptical about back pain I'm told. On account of not experiencing for themselves no doubt!
Anyway I'm here if you want to get back to me on this. Good luck, best wishes, Kev.
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i aint got a shhoting pain down my spine its near my shoulder bldes on my both side i hope it aint lung problem im only 25 it just worrys me tho. when doctors he goes its muscle but his sending me for a lung xray just to get my worrys away.
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Hi folks

I got it all too -- spine and now neck as well. Same as kevzx81 but worse because it makes me giddy and my left arm is numb. Pain in the neck (of course you will all say - he's and Aussie) but real severe pain radiating across my shoulders. Latest Dr says mmmmm... that's interesting ...doesn't usually get that bad. Take painkillers and don't paint the ceiling (yes..he actually said that too!!)
Avoid strenuous exercise like surfing (I'm 65 and 280 lbs) so I told him I wouldn't. Swimming is good, and physiotherapy. Take painkillers. mmmm...interesting......
ANYWAY SCORPIO, I HAVE HAD THIS STUFF FOR YEARS AND IT DOESNT SOUND LIKE YOURS. I would guess yours is from a sudden strain on your back or similar and will go away. Takes a couple of months usually. Don't worry...wait till you get old like us; then you can worry.

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