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bad posture, how do i fix it

hi all,

im currently 19, and for aslong as i remember i have pretty bad lower back pains whenever i do anything thats not laying down for more then 5 minutes. i attribute this to my bad posture, full days sat at the computer etc. that and my spine is pretty curved.

anywho, what i wanna know is how do i straighten it out, hopefully so it doesnt hurt anymore. i remember going to a physio a few years ago but gave up on it shortly after because it basically amounted to him telling me to stand up straighter but wouldnt tell me how. seriously, when i try it just ends up being me looking up at the roof, but with the same 'S' shaped back

so. any help? cant really afford to go see a professional.. and google so far struggled to even find me this site.

thanks in advance
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Well Nebarik I know you said you cant afford to go to a doctor but if you could perhaps an x-ray or MRI would be in order to r/o any spine injuries.  Some places, such as where I live in NY give free MRI's a couple times a month to the uninsured, all they need is a script from an md.

Any of that aside, strengthening your core is the best way to improve your posture. If you have a weak core, you will have bad posture.   Have you ever tried yoga?  It is wonderful.

good luck
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You also could use to do some exercises to strengthen your upper back muscles as well this will help you sit straighter at the computer.  where you work do they have an ergonomist?  these are people who would make your computer work station better as far as how everything is supposed to be placed, chair, computer, keyboard etc.  Also take breaks to stretch is good as well.
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thanks for the reply.

firstly yeah we have a different medical system in australia, im not sure on the specifics but from what i can understand i need to pay first, then get my money back from the government. economic recession has really hit me hard.

and im not entirely sure what my 'core' is.

and i read about that way to sit at a computer all the time, but thats about it, i havent seen yet any actual instructions for how i should be sitting.i work at home so im kinda in charge on how the set up is.right now i have my 2 20inch screens at eyelevel and slightly above
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Well I dont know anything about the medical system in australia.  But you obviously have a computer so you can goole ergonomic suggestions for computer stations.  Also your core are the muscles in your abs all of them transverse, obliques etc and the ones that wrap around all the way to the back.  Look it up.  There are many exercises that you can do to strengthen your core, tapes dvds etc.  Just google it and you will see.

good luck
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thanks for the help.

but hehe, 'tapes', havent seen one of those (both audio or video) since i was a child
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