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c8 nerve - right hand finger numbness/weakness

please help.  I have had numbness and weakness in my right hand little and ring finger for 5 weeks.  i am interested in knowing if there is a treatment or therapy that can help with correct my symptoms.  the dotors are saying my symptoms are coming from my neck area between cervival spine c7 and thoracic t1.  i experience more wekness and numbness of the hand area and have difficulty opening the hand hand fully.  the two finger drop when i raise my hand up high.  also, typing with right hand is challenging due to having difficulty opening right hand when extended forward.  i experience very little pain in neck or hand, simply weakness and numbness in the fingers described.  over the past 3 weeks, my grib strength has increased and never got the point of feeling i was going to drop objects at all.  is surgery the only option at this point?  the forums and websites that i have visited relates highly to surgery with low levels of sucess.  also, i found the laser spine institute information (LSI) regarding spinal surgery procedures.  their site indicates a high level of surgery sucesses compared to the traditional surgerical procedures.  obviously, i would prefer to find a way other than surgery at this point and i am looking for recommendations.  also, i have been going to pt therapy for 4 weeks with levelsof improvement.  they had mentioned this affected area right away but also mention the ulnar nerve interuption.  a friend of mine mentioned accupuncture may help as well.  any thoughts for treatment for my condition??  thank you in advance.
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hi i would strongly advice you to try a few alternative therapys before you decide on the surgical root,i was in your position 5 years ago with c5 c6 compretion,with numbness and pain,as for lsi the local emergency room in tampa has had a few of there mistakes rushed in,myself i sat with a17 year veteran of spinal surgerys,he drilled into my main artery during the procedure  i was put in a coma and had a 2 surgery to clot a aneuerysm he had cuased,but remember the chances are a lottery so stay calm,im fine now,have you tried traction,you can buy a self traction kit on line just use it 3 times week it may lift pressure from your nerve in neck i found it invaluable for self treating goodluck,
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I have a similar problem on my left side.
I had surgery to correct the problem but
it left me in chronic pain and I still can't
raise my arm. It is clumsy and almost impossible to use much less type with.My
doctors say I have nerve damage
but they don't offer a solution other than
more surgery to look around inside and see if
they have missed something.
Let me hear more about how your arm problem
If they see anything new that way
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Just found out I have Scoliosis Not to mention Right Toe Surgery Right Knee torn ligament Right side Tennis Elbow  Right Shoulder Orthritis Bumb on neck not sure what it is?  Numbness in Right hand.  Drs. many want be to do Therapy????  I work 7 days a week NO TimE>  STill have to go in for more MRI's Nerve TEST?  Now my Left knee is giving out?  They don't offer any thing but Braces?  I can't wear that many braces Might as well Mummyfy ME?  Won't give anti-inflammortories, pain meds?  Why Do I bother going to the doc?  To tell me I have all these problems and send me HOME?????  I got the Steriod Shot in my arm It went TOTALLY NUMB  HURT LIKE HELL>  Still would not give me meds???  I suffer daily.  They want to give me over the counter ****....  I'm tired This **** *****>>
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Hi there,

I can "hear" your frustration and really feel bad for you as you are still so young (80 is old) and there is no real cure for Scoliosis.  A lot of your problems can be associated with your abnormal spine.

Anti-inflammatories or other pain meds will not really give you the needed pain relief.  Some morphine-based medication will, but for that you'll need a script and it can not be used long term and your condition is not short-term.  Thus chronic pain-medication is not the answer.

Unfortunately your options are wearing a brace, going for Physio on a regular basis or surgery on the spine.  Surgery is your last resort.

Maybe you should wear the brace - spine/back - and give it a go.  By supporting your spine you might get some relief and the shoulder and neck, hand and arm pains will improve.
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