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constant neck and shoulder pain after ACDF

I am 1 year status post C5-6, 6-7 fusion. I had my follow up mri last week and my operating surgeon states "I did nothing wrong." I find it comical because I was not accusing him of doing anything wrong. I just wanted answers. I have so much pain in my neck upper back, shoulders and chest, down my left arm. So my MRI reads this: C1-2 central canal is patent, C2-3 no disc herniation, no central canal or neural forminal narrowing, C 3-4 mild diffuse disc bulge, slightly increased, contacting the ventral cord surface and slightly narrowing the central canal. no neural foraminal narrowing, C4-5 mild disc bulge, no central canal or neural foraminal narrowing, C5-6 status post anterior fusion, left uncovertebral joint and left facet joint hypertrophy mildly narrowing the left neural foramen, without significant change. central canal is patent. no right neural forminal narrowing. C6-7 Post anterior fusion, mild left uncovertebral  joint and facet hypertrophy mildly narrowing the left neural foramen. no significant right neural foraminal narrowing or central canal narrowing. C7-T1 Mild diffuse disc bulge, no central canal or neural foraminal narrowing. Impression: no abnormal spinal signal or abnormal enhancement. Anterior fusion C5-7, Slight increase in C3-4 disc bulge slightly narrowing the central canal in comparison  to exam on 3/6/15, no significant change in mild spondylotic left neural foraminal narrowing at C5-6 and C6-7. Thank you
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