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desperatly seeking relief

I have tried tramadol gabapentin and now hydrocodone. Nothing works for my lower back/hip pain. I am doing yoga and stretching exercises but more often than not they aggravate my back even more. Also been trying to walk but the pain in my hips is often so intense I sometimes can't even finish grocery shopping without having to take a break. In so desperate. I want to function normally and live life. I cannot do certain parts of my job so I am in danger of losing it. I don't want to go on disability. Doctors seem to minimize my pain. I think they are missing something important but I do not know what. What do I do????
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Hello and Welcome,

I empathize with you - I was there for many years.

What is your diagnosis (DX)? What diagnostic tests have you had? Were you able to actually see the results and discuss them with your treating physician?

Do you have SIJ Dysfunction? Have you been screened for that condition?

Yes many doctors like to minimize our pain. I was told I shouldn't have pain - and what if any pain I had I just had to learn to live with! Cruel and inhumane as far as I am concerned.

After years of suffering in silence a female D.O. recognized my pain and proved my DX. However it went so long without being DX or treated that nothing, no treatments were successful in changing the condition for the better. Don't let this happen to you. If you think they are missing something then keep searching.

Gabepentin was not effective in treating the part of my pain that was nerve induced. Unfortunately in order to be effective in some instances the dose has to be high and the higher the dose the more troublesome side-effects. Lyrica has helped - you may want to discuss this med with your physician.

Be assertive. Know your condition as well, if not better than your medical provider(s). Understand the terms and treatments that are available. It's true that I know more about my DXs than 95% of my physicians. I think that is true for several of us.

It often takes a combination of medications to effectively treat a condition, not just one and sometimes not just two. It's difficult for me to offer more suggestions when we don't know your DX.

Hang in there dear, we are here to support you and offer suggestions. I hope to hear more from you. Please feel free to respond to other posters. We're all in this together - and we learn from one another. Again looking forward to hearing from you.

My Best,
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thank you for taking the time to respond!
my diagnoses are osteoarthritis and spondylolisthesis. I have had an mri and xrays. I also have a pars fracture. I am just afraid they will think I am drug seeking and wont help me. I only need to take them so I can get back in shape. I know coming off them may be hard but it cant be worse than this. are you in the Nashville area? can you suggest a doctor?
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You received great advice from Tuckamore. She should be back to the forums by Saturday, hopefully.
Try not to worry about what Drs think. You're in pain and it's real. Many of us here have back problems and need medication to live a somewhat normal life. There is nothing wrong with that.
Try to google spine specialists in your area. Put in your zip code and what type of Dr you're looking for. Most of them will have rating from 1 to 5. Try to find a Dr as close to 5 ratings as you can.
Yoga can indeed help. My daughter is a yoga teacher so she has helped me learn several very gentle exercises. If it hurts don't do it. This is what my daughter tells me.
You may or may not have to have two different Drs. It all depends on the back Dr you find and whether he prescribes medication or not. Are you seeing your family Dr right now and is he/she the one prescribing for you? If so, and if they will continue to prescribe stay with them.
We're always here to listen and help anyway we can. Try to start your search for a spine specialist today. You may want to call your family Drs office to see if they can recommend someone.
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