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fibromyalgia. severe pain under left rib.

I was cleaning my kitchen bin and felt a searing pain under mt left rib, at the side.
I'm now bed bound, unable to move without screaming in pain.
Pain meds, including morphine, don't help.
I have slipped discs in my lower back as well.
It hurts when I breath.
What could be the cause of the extreme pain I'm in?

Having slept on my right side last night, I now have extreme shoulder pain.
I do have a memory foam mattress.
I am on a lot of medication, as I also have Bipolar.
I've increased the Lyrica to 250mg a day.
I'm very frightened by this pain, under my left rib.
Is it the Fibro, or is something else going on?

Should I try to get a pain injection??
I'm in the UK and don't know what to do.
I have a bad cough. Have green mucus, but am a smoker.
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Chest pain can be caused by pnuemonia, among many other things, like a pulled muscle.  By the sounds of things, this is not related to your fibromylagia and you should most likely follow up with your doctor to find out what is wrong. Especially if it is that severe that your pain meds are not helping.
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Hi, I've had the Doctor out, who thinks it's a pulled muscle.
I'm just in a bad place at the moment with pain.
Every time I use a part of my body, like using my arm with my walking stick.
The next day, I can't use that arm as the shoulder and arm muscles are so painfull, I am at screaming point and can't use it.
I feel like a zombie on pain meds.
I can't even get in the shower!
Making it to the toilet is a mammoth task.
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People who have chronic pain ( like fibromyalgia) have a tendency to be low in Magnesium. You could try increasing your magnesium intake (don't go overboard, or you may get diarrhea).  Unfortunately, I understand your pain.  It's really tough when you hurt so badly, and still have to function. You never know how much you use your arm, until you just want to let it be still.

You can try ice or moist heat (whichever seems to be the most comfortable for you)  (CAREFULLY heat a damp towel in the microwave - start with 30 seconds & go up, and be careful not to burn yourself.) Ice or heat will work 20 minutes out of every hour, so any longer is just a comfort measure.  Ice will help lower any swelling in the area (and thereby decrease pain) and heat will increase circulation to the area (thereby increasing the amount of blood flow to the area, bringing the cells that will heal faster). Do your best to rest it, and allow it to heal.  Pulled muscles do take time.

You can also try some of the homeopathic remedies (the amount of ingredients are so low that they won't have any adverse reactions with the meds you are already on.)  I have had luck with a couple of different formulated ones.

I'll say a few prayers for you, too. Because they never hurt!  Hang in there.
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