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harrington rods

i had back surgery some 20 years ago and less than a year ago i had to have the harrington rods removed, due to the fact that they wer broken and bent. they had been that way for several yhears?? now is there any presidence for a law suite due to them being broken??
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I have also been curious about a law suit. 23 years ago my doctor had my parents and me convinced that the surgery would not lead to any discomfort or problems in the future. YEAH RIGHT! I live in chronic pain daily. If I could go back, I would not have had the surgery. I would have tried everything else first. I'm scared to go back to another orthopedic doctor because I do not know who to trust after my experience with the Harrington Rod surgery. I'm afraid they will recommend surgery and I don't want to go there again. I'm glad I found this site and realize I'm not alone with what I've been experiencing. What I do find  helpful is running, yoga, swimming, and massage therapy. I want to sue the the doctor who provided my parents with false information that has caused me so much pain. As a child and adult people have always asked why I "walk funny" or "what's that scar on your back from".  
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I am 31 now and was born with congenital kyphosis, at 20 I underwent posterior fusion T11=L2, and harrington rods T11-L1, Three years later I started to have back pain again and in the last 2 yrs the pain is unbearable, I have tried, water phy therapy, chiropractor, tens, gabapentin, flexeril, tyl codine, injection sacroliliac joint, and cervical injection, nothing has helped, sitting, driving, walking for more than 20 min and Im in so much pain I could cry, Ive had a ct herniated disc L5 S1, osteoarthritis, bone scan wi radiation dye, and was increase lot of die in thorasic area, Dr said nothing sighnificant in MRI, I have severe pain in mid back, all right sided, sacroliliac joint severe pain, and severe hip pain with leg and butt area goes numb, tingles, if I sit for 30 min, I wonder why they havnt sent me for nerve study cause, I cant live like this and I know what im going through is severe, I am tired of Dr. acting like its no big deal, I ve had pain before, but this is unbearable.
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I have 2 Harrington Rods side by side from T11-L4 (auto accident).  It has been 24 years.  I have severe pain above and below the rods and all the docs say the same thing.  Nothing!  I know your pain all too well. Here's my suggestion to helping cope with it all. First - study your diet.  Stay away from Nightshade veggies and meat!!!! They increase imflammation and that is a huge part of the pain. .Also try eating as much organic as possible.  GMO and all those chemicals break down the immune system which causes a million bad side affects.  All of which we cannot afford to tolerate!  Use ice instead of the pain meds as often as possible. Meditate about 20 mins a day (you may have to work your way up to that.  Even 5 mins is very good).  Just sit in a very comfortable chair, keeping your spine as straight as possilbe.  Think about your breath.  Nothing else.  Learn to focus on deep breathing because taking your mind off your body and focusing on one thing other than your pain will really help \your patience.  And you must be patient with your body and what it's going thru.  Remember that it's not YOU but your body, your vehicle that has the pain.  Stretch every hour for a few mins.  Join Tai Chi.  It's slow and gentle but builds strength and flexibility in your entire body.  I've been taking it for 4 years now and even thou there are good days and bad days it keeps me in good shape.  Also, the pain in your legs and butt are most likely sciatic and can be reduced with proper stretching of the hamstring/glut/and SI joint. It may have nothing to do with the nerves in the lumbar but in the glut muscle itself.   Again - stretching a zillion times a day will make all the difference in the world.  It won't take the pain away completely but it is a great big help.  And keep moving. Don't sit still for any reason.  Get rid of the TV - Walk a few miles a day.  Slow or fast, doesn't matter.  Walk backwards and sideways.  Sideways really keeps the SI joints moving and loose and helps with the Sciatic issues.  Remember, no matter what you do in the beginning it's going to hurt - can't lie about that.  But in the end.... you'll feel better.  So commit yourself to helping yourself for one month.  Everyday for one month I promise you'll begin to feel like a new person even if it's just in doing housework.  Eventually you'll find the rest of life getting easier.  But discuss your workout plan with your doctors and if they seem to show little interest just take notes and discuss your improvements with them on your next visit.   BESIDES - if you already hurt doing nothing - you might as well hurt the same doing something ;-)  Good Luck!!!
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