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imbalance, fatigue, pressure behind eye, fuzzy vision

Hi everyone! I'm 22, female. 5'2 ~ 100 lbs.
For almost 3 weeks now I've been experiencing symptoms of blurry vision, imbalance (when I walk or turn my head I feel like I'm on a boat, things in my vision are rocky, and move more than they should), and pressure behind my right eye, on the inside corner especially. From time to time I have neck pain on the right side, especially at the base of the skull, but unlike the other symptoms this neck pain is not constant. It has gotten worse over time, and didn't show up until about a week after the original onset of blurry vision.

Following a chiropractic manipulation of my neck on Tuesday 4/27/10, I have been having these puzzling symptoms. I've been to this chiropractor sporadically since October 2008, and she's always used tools to gently adjust my spine, but never before has she done a manipulation like this: she had an assistant pull on my legs, while she pulled on my neck and twisted it hard and fast to one side.

Later that night, I was nauseous. And that night while trying to get comfortable and fall asleep I whipped my neck violently up and down against my pillow (a sort of whiplash effect). I woke up feeling fine the next morning, Wednesday 4/28, but later that day I noticed my vision was slightly blurry or distorted.

Sometime soon after the 28th, dizziness started. Not vertigo, not spinning, but a feeling of imbalance, not being able to walk well (like I didn't know how far the ground was when putting down my foot), and the sensation that somethings were distorted in my vision, sort of curved, and moving strangely or more than they should be.

After a while pressure began building behind my right eye, and from time to time I have muscle tension on my right neck (the same side as the eye pain and pressure), my head hurts especially when I lay down and there is pressure on it from the pillow/bed. Sometimes I'm nauseous and I vomited a few times last week. I feel like I have trouble holding up my head, like it's heavier on the right side. My dizziness is worse when I'm standing and walking, but the dizziness can be triggered by rolling over in bed, getting out of bed, and looking up by tilting my head back. Again, it's not spinning like vertigo, but just unsteadiness like things are moving more than they should.

I've been to the Emergency room twice, neither time they found anything wrong. I've also been to my general practitioner who send me to the second emergency room trip to have an MRI of my neck and head done because she feared that an artery in my neck had been torn because of the chiropractic adjustment and that I might be bleeding into my brain, and might have a stroke.

I have seen a neurologist who basically laughed in my face and said you haven't had a stroke yet, nothing's wrong with you neurologically. I saw a spine doctor who said my spine had no problems, it wasn't misaligned, and they could tell why I might be dizzy all the time.

I finally got the results of the MRI of my head and and I don't have a torn artery in my neck, and everything's normal EXCEPT for a "2mm right supraclinoid Internal Carotid Artery aneurysm, projecting inferiorly" which I've figured out from searching online is a brain aneurysm behind my right eye near the optical nerve. It's unruptured, and small so the likelihood of it rupturing anytime soon is small, but I don't know if it might be causing symptoms.

A neurologist I saw on Friday seems to think that the aneurysm might not even be there, because the lump is at a spot where a blood vessel branches off from the artery, so it might be nothing. He says the bulge is not the right size or pointing in the right direction to be causing my symptoms. I'm not sure if I believe him, but if we assume that he's right and the aneurysm is an incidental finding, then what could be causing these symptoms, and why haven't they gone away after 3 weeks?

Do you guys think it could be muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, or muscle strain in my neck that is causing these symptoms? If so, could you elaborate how they would contribute?

Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms for an extended period of time?
If so, was it related to muscle strain or injury? How long did it last? How did you get injured?
I'm just so puzzled because there's not a lot of pain associated with this...

Along with the eye strain behind the right eye, I now have pain in the right temple as well.
Thank you in an advance for any responses.
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Are you on any medications? Could it be side effects from medications maybe?
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this sounds like you may have damaged your vertebrobasilar artery, an artery which travels from your neck to your brain.  symptoms include: dizziness, double vision, flickering of vision, slurred speech, trouble swallowing, feeling nauseous, vertigo....most of which you have experienced. You might not have completely torn it but perhaps there is a bony prominence or disc blocking flow of the blood in the artery after the manipulation, I would go get an MRI and CT on my neck to determine whether its damaged.
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Hi guys,
Thanks for the responses.

I'm not on any medications, nor was I when all of this started, so that's not the issue.
I've had an MRI done of my neck, and they said everything was fine except for the 2mm aneurysm on the supraclinoid segment of my Internal Carotid Artery.

No one has been willing to look over the images with me and explain yet.
An x-ray of my neck post manipulation showed that everything in my neck seems perfectly aligned? Do you think soft tissue, muscle could be compressing the artery?

I have a vibrating sensation in my right eye, in the corner for the last few days.
Do you think perhaps it's the aneurysm which is close to my ophthalmic artery that's pulsing and causing this feeling. I feel like my vision is vibrating?

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Omg I have almost all of your symptoms, but I have not gotten an mri or anything yet.  I went to my general practitioner twice.  The first time I went I was complaining of difficulty hearing and dizziness, so the doctor immediately diagnosed me with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.  I was put on deltasone (an anti-inflammatory) to help drain my ears.  While on the deltasone I was experiencing some far out symptoms like tightness in my neck and ears, and difficulty swallowing.  Plus I had numbness and tingling in my hands and feet.  I told my doctor about these occurrences on the second doctors visit and I think she felt I was crazy so she blew me off and just gave me some steroid nasal spray because she felt I had a sinus infection since it was hard for me to swallow.  Well the nasal spray helped ease the pressure I was having in my eyes and nose but I stopped using it after two weeks because my nose was not really stuffy in the first place.  After both of those visits I continued to have weird symptoms like the pressure in my neck, but this time it felt as if someone was pushing me forward.  I also had the sensation you had where it seems as if things are moving and not stationary.  I plan on seeing my doctor again this week because I am ready to see a specialist to help me rule out some things.  I want you to know that you are not alone my friend.  Wish me luck and pray for me :)
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Hey guys,
I'm a 29 year old female, 110 pounds, 5'5. I've had pretty much the exact same symptoms (with some variations)  that came on for no reason very suddenly on September 7th, 2012 at work at my desk. I was feeling really yucky for 2 months prior, like I would almost get a bad cold/flue that never came.
It came on so fast and hasn't stopped since.I feel like i am walking on a dock, stiff heavy head and neck, energy is off many days, hard to focus sometimes, cloudy disoriented at times feeling in my head, and vision is questionable at times. Eyes get more tired than usual.
I feel like I have seen at least 15 doctors of various kinds in these last 5 months. From neurologist, ENT, many primary care physicians, psychiatrist, eye doctor, acupuncturists, and 3 chiropractors. I even went so far as to see a Medium to help. She thinks its all in my neck and that acupuncture is best. Honestly I don't know what to think. I have good days where energy is up, then others not so good. The symptoms are always there though. Walking is the works. Alcohol doesn't feel good anymore (even though I rarely drink anyway), and I have tried many to figure this thing out.
They thought it was Labrynthitus or an inner ear issue, which it wasn't, I had an MRI and 3 CT scans, and a ridiculous amount of blood work done. ALL PERFECT, SO FRUSTRATING! The only thing I've been told by all 3 Chiro's is that I have a messed up neck and that my top 2 vertebrae (atlas & axis) are really messed up. no accident or incident I can think of that brought this on though. I am seeing an upper cervical specialist twice per week and getting acupuncture twice per week to really see if it is fact my neck. I need this to work. Acupuncture has made symptoms better, but then something like a couple glasses of wine will bring it all back. I was better, almost 100% for 2 days in October when I was taking the first 2 d days dosage of a 5 day Prednisone and Lysine treatment to treat Labrynthitis, and then i put on a head weight that my old Chiro told me to try and it all came back and stayed back. That is the only evidence I can think of that leads me to head/neck issue. I am in the dark and these medical doctors are terrible and I think they think I am some kind of hypochondriac at this point.If it's not my head/neck, my next thing is that I will really be looking into Lyme Disease as a possibility. Who knows.

I'll try anything. This is not fun and really ruins a lot of happy things in my daily life. I am constantly reminded of it and I'm grateful for the support, but also saddened to see others dealing with this stuff. Let's figure this out together.
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I've had similar issues.  They diagnosed me with 60 % damage to my inner ear, causing imbalance but I'm not convinced that is it.  The vistibular therapy doesn't seem to work and I have neck/headache issues. I also get the headaches behind the eye sometimes too.  The Cranial Release therapy I have done 3 times seems to possibly help more than anything.  I have had this issue since November of 2012 and now also have a vibrating sensation in the head.  
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I found out that I have a 2mm aneurysm on the right supraclinoid segment of my Internal Carotid Artery in 2013. Wondering how your diagnosis was handled?

I was asked to wait and watch by anual MRA's but it feels like living with a bullet in my head. I like to hear how others with similar issues are handling. Thankyou.
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