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left shoulder / left neck and left arm and hand

I have been getting pain in my neck and left shoulder and i when and had and mri 9/18/12 and said that :

The height of the cervical vertebrae appear normal .
Hemangioma is seen involving c1 vertebrae body.
c1-c2 complex appear normal.
cervical spinal cord appear normal. very minimal posterior disc bulge is noted at c3-c4 and c5-c6 level
causing minimal effacement of the anterior subarachnoid space .There is no evidence of spinal stenosis or
foramina stenosis. Rest of the cervical disc appear normal. Cerical spinal cord appear normal


Very minimal insignificant posterior disc bulge is noted at c3-c4 andc5-c6level without disc herniation, spinal or foramina stenosis.
Hemangioma is seen involving t1.
Rest of the cervical disc appear normal.
cervical spinalcord appear normal.

Now here is my question i had another mri done on 3/27/13 and i need some one to tell me what is the meaning of both of these mri are they the same or not? because i dont know what is going on here .

The osseous stuctures demonstrate normal signal intensity except for a probable hemangioma in the anterior verebral body of t1. the visualized brainstem and spinal cord demostrate normal in the signal intensity.
No sigificant disc or herniation is noted at c2 through c4-c5. The neural foramina are bilaterally patent at these cervical levels .
At the c5-c6 there is a moderate central disc bulge with partial effacement of the anterior thecal sac. The neural foramina are bilaterally patent this level. No significant disc bulge or herniation is noted at the remaining cervical levels. The uncal vertebral joints are unremarkable.

Moderate central disc bulge at the c5-c6 .
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Hi i understand ur concern 2 mri's were performed & not comparable according to info. u just gave.Its great there is no spinal stenosis observed, next i will say hemangioma seen involving T1 is concluded as an indecisive obsobservation which u should tell ur doctor ur concerned & follow up with this .That is purely stating its seen but the impression remarks other matter dont overlook this to be told oh thats fine theres nothing wrong med professionals some dont pay attention to all testing or even care at times Tricia
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Here is my concern is that when i had the first on the dr. said that i was fine so i did no know any thing was wrong and when on working and now i got the second one dont because i got hurt at work and now it saying that i have a Moderate central disc bulge at the c5-c6 . so i guss what i am asking is are the mri the same or are they not the same.
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what i what to know are they the same or r they not the same .
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