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lower back pain

Not really a question ,more like a post.54yr old female,have had this chronic lower back pain that radiates to hip area.I do have arthritis in lower back and hip,but the meds for it does nothing.I stretch every night before bed and every morning before getting out to no avail.I look like I'm 90 yrs old after a pain full ten minutes of trying to get out of bed.I have to inhale to stand up straight(omg the pain) but once I pee and get into kitchen for coffee I'm fine.The only doctor I haven't seen is a nerve doctor.I've changed mattresses to soft to hard w/toppers,without toppers.Its been at least 7 yrs.I do strength n toning classes 3 days a week see my trainer 1x a week.Muscle relaxers do nothing.The strange thing is when we stay at a hotel I rarely have the pain,thinking it's the mattress,my bed is so high I have a step stool to get in it.So every morning I slide of my bed and if I'm lucky I don't bang in to wall.So nerve dr here I come or massage therapist.Has anyone tried acupuncture?
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Check out the company that makes the bed and buy one.
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See orthopedic doctor, let them do an MRI.
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See the "nerve" doctor, but not a neurologist or heaven forbid, a neurosurgeon. Surgeons are appropriate only in certain situations.

Find a spine specialist, trained in anesthesia, who may be able to help with those painful spondylitic joints. (Spondylosis is an osteoarthritis of the spine, and generates a large percentage of low back pain.) Sometimes this condition is called "facet syndrome."

Read sites like spineuniverse.com and spine-health.com for more information on lumbar spondylosis and non-surgical treatment options.
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I have lower back arthritis and also in my neck and hip bursitis caused by lower back.  I have been seeing a pain dr for 5 years and I had an ablation done which burns the nerve.  Its been working for 5 years.  I also have them in my neck.  For my hip the pain dr does epidurals which work but for only a couple of months.
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I feel your pain and hope you get relief soon. I am also dealing with horrible lower back and hip pain. Sharp pains going down my legs and even burning or electric feeling in my hips. I had two epidurals and cortisone shots which did nothing for me. I take muscle relaxers, nerve meds and narcotics that still don't help the pain. I am 27 years old and I look like i'm 90 walking around hunched over or with a cane because I am scared I am going to fall again. I had an EMG done which came back positive for nerve and muscle damage and have 3 herniated discs, 1 bulging, an annular tear, mild degenerative disc and moderate central canal stenosis. Recently I started having tremors in my hands too. I can't do any sort of therapy cause it hurts too much. I am going to see a neurosurgeon to see what he says and I recommend you do also.

Your not the first person I heard mention that they woke up pain free from hotel beds its very strange. lol. Imagine calling a hotel up asking where did you get their mattresses from? haha. Well good luck!
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have you tried alternative treatments? I have noticed meditating helps reduce pain and promote relaxation. The Mind-Body Connection is very powerful. Visualization is something I also do to help promote healing and the relaxation response, but frankly I have not had the best luck treating my chronic back pain with the Mind-Body connection alone.The suggestions and methods people mentioned do also work, but you have to be willing to make the effort and give it some time to be effective.
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