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lumabar surgery

im seeing a ortho dr, in aprl 2013 about    bone spur at L4 L5 area causing spinal stenosis. if i do the surgery what are the long tem effets can i do heavy larbor job ih heavy lifting twisting bending. appyed for ssdi was denide gona appeal  with a lawyer but if the ssdi does not work out i might not do the surgery. i also have ddd in neck and anxiety wic  i think  make back and neck fee worse, any info would be great, thaks
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That depends on a few things.

What type of surgery are you having done, is it just bone spur removal or are you having a more complicated procedure like a fusion?

Is this the only thing that's wrong with your back?

How old are you? (That's also a factor in filing for SSDI )

As far as the anxiety, it goes along with the back problems, you get anxious because your back hurts and your back hurts more because you're anxious.

I know the whole thing's a lot to deal with, you're worried about your future, I've been there believe me.
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I got SSI at age 39, and also was denied the first time I applied. I got a lawyer and paid his $5000 fee out of my initial lump sum payment from the government. Definetly reapply for your benefits. I wouldn't count on going back to your physically demanding job. I went back to the construction industry (despite my doctor's advice), and ended up with 9 lower back surgeries. Please do what the doctor tells you to do , especially if you go the surgical route. I had no choice regarding my first surgery. The pain was simply intolerable, and required hospitalization in and of itself! Whatever happens, I wish you the best of luck,
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im 45 have ddd in neck ddd lumber spine with bone spur causing spinal stenosis. i have  anxiety and depression wich i always try not to show it,i always get by by faking nothing is wrong. im on 4 vicodin 500mg  a day 1 celexa 40mg a day nuerotin 300 mg 2 times  and  xanax 1 mg 1/2 in morning and 1 full pill at night. not sure what kind of surgery they will do if ido need it.i gota wait untill april to see ortho dr.  but even though i new i would not get ssdi the first time i brought out the anxirty and depression agian was gona appeal myself but i would get nervous not say how i  relly feel. so im guess i need a lawyer to do my talking for me. and sometimes a get social anxiety.
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what kind of surgery do they do for a bone spur in in lumber spine with stenosis and  sciatica also have some ddd in the area. if walk it really acts up then its hard to stand walk and even sitting hurts. the bone spur did not show up on xray only mri. i really dont know what to do if i says have surgery and go back to work or not have and just tuff it out .i hear after surgery people have hard time working sometimes worse with surgery.
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I went back after a fusion at L4/5 and actually it wasn't too bad, but that's was after almost a year of recovery and was only was in my late 20's. I had almost 8-9 years before I had any serious problems again. Then I started having trouble with my neck and had to have a couple surgeries for that. Ended up going back to school, getting a degree, it's been a long road.

You really have to take it a step at a time, don;t give up on the SSDI, but don't count on it either. You need a Doctor to back you. Check on retraining programs, you're not that old.I went back out there and work in the field after all my surgeries and I'm not going to lie to you, it got pretty bad sometimes, I was taking pks the whole time, if I didn't I would have never been able to stand the pain. I had no choice, it was the only way I knew how to make money.

And by the way,definitely get another opinion on your surgery.
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What kind of work did you go back to? i worked in a grocery store mostly in parking lot getting carts and cleaning. i dont think i could do that agian. at my last dr appointment i ask my dr.  im 45 y/o with a back of a 60 y/o he said no a 75 y/o.?  
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Construction, I wouldn't recommend going back, but I really didn't have any choice, maybe my neck wouldn't have gotten so bad if I didn't.

You might want to look into doing something else, there's other things you can do and like I said, your not that old.
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I have had 2 stenosis surgeries and both have been positive.  The thing is though that after the surgery you will have to take care of yourself.  What I mean is you will be limited to what you can lift and have to just be careful about what you do that might cause you to reinjure yourself.  I reinjured myself and now I am in worse condition.  Doctor wants to perform a 4 disc fusion all in lumbar region.  I will never get a fusion from everything I have read.  Just bec areful after the surgery and you should be fine.

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What kind of work do you do? If my disability dont come through im not sure who would hire someone after they have back surgery?
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