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lump in lower back...

A few weeks ago I found a hard mass/lump in my lower back on the left side and a smaller lump on the right side. It has been causing pain relating to lower back pain (stiffness, pain "slouching", pain straightening my back). This lump seems to feel approx. 1 - 1.5 inches on the left and a .5 inch on the right.

On a side note, the past few weeks (starting a 2 weeks before noticing this back lump) I have had a sore area in my throat (not a sore throat!, no pain swallowing, but an irregular feeling like a lump or abrasion) WITH what seemed to be salivary gland pain, two (first tender, then hard) lymph glands in neck, and pain/throb in armpit, groin, and femoral region (no noticed lumps except swollen pain in groin while on Augmentin) and ear pain.

I will say that I have chewed tobacco or smoked cigarettes for approx. 14 years.

I went to ENT for the pain in my throat (not sore throat, no pain swallowing) and he said chronic tonsillitis and prescribed 10 days of Augmentin, which has ended. The pain in my throat is now become just a nuisance/dull.

But the back lumps and pain are chronic and a 7 out of 10 pain.

Any ideas???  
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I should also mention that I have been having somewhat night (and nap) sweating and general muscle weakness/discomfort and slight headache lasting 15 minutes tops.

Nothing further- no fever, no vomit, no diarrhea, no productive/abnormal cough, no dizzy/fainting.
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thanks for the tremendously helpful suggestions, advice, and help. I greatly appreciate it!
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