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methadone for post op cervical surgery pain?

I was in a car wreck july 2009. It broke the fusion c3-c4-c5 that i had in 2006..I had surgery aug.2009 with a new plate replacing the old plate using larger screws to secure the plate. This fusion failed evev wearing a bone growth stimulator over my brace 4 hours a day, It did fusion so feb.2009 I had my 3rd cervical surgery this time the surgery was on the back of my neck =c3-t1. It was the most pain I have ever encountered. Now Im told I need to wear this stimulator 6 to 9 mo. 4 hours a day.The surgery site is so painful I dont want anything to touch it. Ive been in a neck brace two months short of a year and Im tired of all the meds, Im taking oxycotin, percocet, valium, gabapentin. now Ive been referred to stanford pain center and the Dr. wants me to take METHADONE for the pain. Ive never heard of this I thought Methadone was for herion addicts. I dont want this and I have a appt in 2 days with my surgeon. If the last 2 fusion didnt fuse, where does that leave me? I hope you can help. I dont want to take stronger medication that is so addictive.

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Wow you've been through a lot. Yeah, they've started using Methadone a lot for pain control, mainly because its so cheap. Its supposed to be a really good pain killer, but like you said, it is really hard to get off of. Addicts dosages tend to be 3-4-5 times more than what is typically used for pain control, I don't know if that makes it any easier to get off or not, I doubt it. There's also been a lot of accidents from incorrect dosages and people have died combining methadone with things like Xanax and other benzos. If your happy with what you're taking now, I don't think they can force it on you. A friend of mines wife is on it, she's a paraplegic and she has a lot pain. She takes it, she's going to be on it for the rest of her life and she knows it.

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