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more fusions

Hi everyone, has anyone had three c-spine fusions done several years ago and now need to add more to it?  I had 3 levels done way back in 1995 c-4,5,& 6 corpectomy with fusion and hip bone allograph.  Titanium plate & 5 screws.  All due to degenerative spondylosis and spinal cord compression.  Latest MRI shows more of the same at c-6&7.  Neurologist is referring me back to Neurosurgeon in 2 weeks, and I know already what will be happening.  My question to all of you is this:  has anyone had multi-level fusions done before and then need more added to it later?  If so, is the new fusion just added to the old fusions - and what about plates and screws?  Also, I know the more fusions that are done, the less mobility you have afterwards to bend your neck forward.  The fusions I had done many years ago, left me with not being able to touch my chin to my chest - I can't help but wonder what adding another one will do as far as my head and neck mobility goes.
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As I write this I am waiting for my surgery authorization for today's surgery. I am fused from C3 thru T2. T/1,T/2 was fused anteriorly a week ago and they are going to fuse the back of my neck from C/3 to T/2 with rods and take out the wires installed in last surgery. Yes, Yes and Yes to all your answers it never ends I think. Only you and people like me need to make the decisions that are best for us at the time. I had many anterior fusions with no work on the back of the neck and now I believe they both need to be fused to achieve a better fusion. My theory is if it don't move it don't hurt. I like the hardware just for extra protection during healing, it can help stabilize the fusion immediately instead of waiting for it to fuse. Good luck you are not the only one with this problem. I will post how it went after surgery. So far this will be 8 neck fusions and 2 low back fusion.

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wow . . .i had c1 c2 fused twice.  bone graft slipped out with wire. three weeks ago i had rods screws and wire.  i started hearing some cereaking sounds recently.  apparently this is normal. i am wondering if u had any of this creaking? why did u have the old wires removed? is this necessary?
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i had my neck fused from C3-C7 with a non fusion at C5-6,6-7.in 2001. I live on pain meds. I've seen multiple surgeons for opinions but the most honest answer i got from one was "if it didn't work out well the first time, and success rates are relatively low in c-spine due to the small size of the structures, how well do you think it will work the second time?" that was it for me.  Now i just wait for some "breakthrough" technique to arrive before more of my neck falls apart.  Good luck.
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