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mri results treatment for this

c2-3 no significant disc bulge or protrusion at this level. Spinal canal and neural foramen remain adequate c2-3
c3-4 mild posterior cartilage ridging is seen centrally in the right of midline producing asymmetric distortion trecal sac
without canal stenosis or mass effect on the cord.  Neural foraman remain adequate bilaterally at c3-4
c4-5 unremarkable
c5-6 there is loss of this space height and a posterior right paracentral disc extrusion with superior prolapse evident on the comparison study has decreased in size with diminished indentation upon the ventral thecal sac to the right of midline and resolution of the mass effect on the ventral cord seen to the right of midline previously.  there is mo significant central canal stenous or cord compression at c5-6 and neural foramina remain adequate bilaterally at this level
c6-7 c7-t1 unremarkable
no new signal abnormalities are detected with in the substance of the cord and cervical level

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Oh no.... that would be cheating!

An MRI is just one finding in a collection of signs and symptoms in any case, and can be meaningless when taken out of context.

Your MRI report looks fairly normal,  but having no idea of your history, or the symptoms you are experiencing, your age, your activity, etc.

All of this information is important for diagnosis.

Your doctor should present your MRI results because he/she has complete clinical information about your back syndrome, including your complaints, history, and a physical exam.

Ask your doctor to describe your MRI in detail, in the context of your pain experience and clinical status.
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