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neck lump (nothing to do with back)

so recently i discovered a lump on the left side of my neck. there is not a lump on the right side, i made sure. it's soft but firm in place. it is probably about the size of a quarter. just looking for answers to what it could be. hope you can help?
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I get lumps on my neck, shoulders, and back from muscle spasms.  They are actual lumps that stick up/out about the size of a quarter.  I would have never guessed that they are muscle spasms until I had an MRI and a few of them showed up on the images.  I asked and was told that is what they are.  Muscle Spasms...  Never herd of such a thing.  I am not a doctor.  I am not saying that is what you have.  But try some heat, massage, and relaxers to see if that helps if not I would definantly get it checked out by a doctor.

I hope this helps.  Keep me posted.
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thank you for your advice. do you think heat from a shower might be a good idea?
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It could be a lymph node. There are lymph nodes along the side of the neck between the ear and collar bone. I think they are called jugular lateral or something like that. They will swell when you have a sinus infection or an infection above your neck.
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Absolutely, moist heat is the best.  I have to take a very hot shower just to get moving in the AM and again in the evening again.  I also got a buckwheat warming thing that goes in the microwave that provides wonderful penatrating heat.  Online they are from $30-$50 but I found one at TJ Max for $16. so look around.  3min in the microwave and you are good for 30 minutes of heat.

Be sure you are following up with your doctor because it could be something else.  But I hope this offers some relief.

How are you feeling now?  Any additional symptoms?  Pain?  
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