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neck pain?

Day before yesterday I travelled in a bus and my head was not supported well.my head was not at a comfortable position I was changing my head positions often.

The next day I am having some pain in my neck area and when I reflex my head I have some pain.

The pain is not alarming but still a little pain is there.

Any coments would be  helpful
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You have a crick in your neck.  Take ibuprofen and make sure you position your head in the correct anatomic position at night.  You could make a small roll of towels and place this behind your neck so the back of your head is on the mattress ad your neck is supported, for example.  

I will send you a link of some exercises that have been used for neck pain since WWII at least.  They work.  

Then just get plenty of sleep and give it time.
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Thank you for your answers.

My pain is now gone and I am good.

Thank you once again!!!!
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