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neck surgery c5/6/7 cadavor bone with fusion

Is it normal to have this burning at the graft site and pain into the right shoulder area 8 weeks after the surgery. The doctor has advised I don't need to return for 6 months, but I can't do any walking or excersie, lifting, cooking, anything with causing this pain to become severe. I have to rest in a recliner to calm it down by supporting my head/neck.
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I had ACDF (C5-C7) 13 months ago and the burning in my neck, right shoulder and arm has never gone away.  I also feel like I have to support my neck.  I have not been able to return to work and don't know if I ever will. I don't want to sound discouraging but I hurt worse now than before the surgery.  My doctor has just released me saying he has done all he can, so now I go to pain management to try to deal with the pain.
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how old are you,and what exactly was done.im not sure what your saying.did you have a fusion.i also had 7 surgurys since sept 1, 06............five of which was discs,two in my neck which i had a titanium plate and bolts put in.and im fine,and on oct 26,07 was my last surgury l4 l5 fusion ,but before that they tried two disectamys(spelling)..it hurts a little ,im still on pain med.and i dont have much pain,my worse is getting started after laying down from sleeping.getting srated hurts.but im so used to taking these damn pills.i cant  semm to stop taking the same dose when i was in a lot of pain.and its not like im getting high.ive been on pain meds sincelast july06.but i also read on this site that graft **** hurts even after surgury,they put a cadaver bone in me
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It has been 8 months since I had my C-5,6 and C-6-7 ACDF and I am having worse symptoms now than I did before. I have lost all of the up and down, ear to ear motion in my neck and have terrible pain in my upper back, shoulders and arms.

Like you, my life has changed dramatically. Being fit was number 1 or 2a in my life, but I can no longer do any of that...no yard work...nothing that requires use of my neck, shoulders and arms!!!

On top of that, after seeing two other doctors besides my surgeon, I know no more now than I did befroe the surgery. They appear to be afraid to touch me...just humoring me. One says to wait for 6 months...it has already been 8 months...and the other says to wait a year. Meanwhile, they have refused to address my symptoms.

They seem to be worried about malpractice or whatever. As a matter of fact, the last doctor made the comment that my surgeon is responsible for me for the next couple of years because that is why he pays malpractice insurance. I don't care about that...I just want some relief...to know what the hell is going on.

My family doctor was pretty upset about the liability hint because he stated that the reason that he sent me for the other opinion had nothing to do with liability, that is his obligation to help resolve the issue and that is what the surgeon should be doing. He also stated that the reason patients file law suits is that no one listens to them.

They don't listen to what I say and always come back with the fact that is was serious surgery and that I can't expect things to be better in only 3 months...or in the case of the second doctor, 6 months.

They also want to tell me that I should expect some loss of motion...totally ignoring that I have said that I have lost ALL of the motion. Of course, they don't know because neither has ever examined me to find out!!! Neither have my surgeon for that matter.

As a matter of fact, the last time that I saw my surgeon, he never bothered to schedule me for a follow-up...only scratched his head as usual, saying that the x-rays look good and everything appears to be healing ok but with that, he can't dispute that I am having the problems that I mentioned!

I told him that is fine, but what about the symptoms that I am still having?  He never answered the question, just as he hadn't anytime since I have had the surgery.

Meanwhile, I am missing too much work because even with the limited duty job I am doin, it bothers me and now they are threatening me with discipline.

Surprisingly, I was told by a Pain Management Specialist that I needed to go to a different city for care because all of the doctors here a either good buddies or associates and they are not going to go against one another.

I even consulted a lawyer and it just so happens that he wouldn't help because he evidently uses the clinic doctors as expert witnessess in malpractice suits!!!! He did suggest that I go to a different city as well though.

If I had known that I would be treated this way, I would never have had the surgery.

I wish that I knew what to suggest to you, but it seems that we all are experiencing some of the same issues and with no one to help figure out what is going on and what to do to fix it.
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I had C5 through C7 anterior fusion using cadaver bone and although I've not seen the results I was hoping for, I haven't had any worsening.  The PT tells me that my neck muscles are still in a "guarded" condition.  I have been told by many people that you really cannot judge the the success or failure of the procedure for 9-12 months.  I haven't experienced anything like you're going through.

I do hope your situation improves.
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I had C5-6 fused with cadaver bone and titanium plates in June. I do have pain in my shoulderblads. It was explained to me that the muscles in your neck now have to re-learn how to stretch over the fused parts.  Like stretching a rubber band over a big stack of newspapers thatn a littler stack. I made sense to me. I too was told it takes a year to heal, and for fusion to be complete. I was back at work in a month. Yes it hurt, but not working or exercising exacerbates the problem. The more I sit, the stiffer I get. Start slow. Massages also helps me. Good luck. On the dr issue, they need roasted!
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In Aug 2000, i had a titanium plate with bone fusion surgery.  Its been almost 8 years and I live with pain everyday.  The majority of the symptoms the other people are going through I am still going through-neck, back, arm, chest, stomach. I am searching constantly for doctors to help me with the pain but unfortunately I get dr's telling me its depression or its in my head.  Just like one of the patients, I'm 43 years old and was very athletic and active.  I cannot do or play any of the sports I used to love and was good at.  I worked for 20 years of my life and now I can't even work because of the pain, anxiety, and stomach pain because of the medications I take messing up the lining of my stomach.  Is there any one that knows of a good caring doctor that can help me?  The funniest thing about all this is that I was injured at work, I have workers comp, private insurance through my wife's work, and medicare.  And no one wants to touch me.  Workers Comp insurance denies my claims and then I can't use my other insurances because they say workers comp should be paying.  So I'm stuck.  Also, I have a Titanium Plate with 7 screws implanted in my cervical is that what everyone else had implanted in their surgery??
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I had surgery Sept. 26, 2005, c5-c6 & c6-c7, plate and screws, cadaver bone. I was in surgery an extra 11/2 hour. The surgeon said I had arthritis in my spine and he had trouble getting the nerves out of the way to fit the bone in. I had pain in my neck, shoulders, and arms  24/7 before surgery. After surgery I still have pain in my neck, shoulders and right shoulder blade. I take pills every 4 hours for pain, loratab 10, tramadol, and valium. It doesn’t take away all the pain but it makes it bearable.
I can’t do anything, not even house work without pain. I have to keep my head pointing straight forward or my neck starts hurting. When I talk to someone I have to move my chair or tell them to stand in front of me or it will cause pain. I stay mostly in my recliner and watch television from morning until I go to bed.
Two weeks ago I went to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. He X-rayed my neck and said c6-c7 did not fuse, he showed it to me on the X-ray. He said that is why I am having so much pain.
I was told by the Doctor who did my surgery that it did fuse. Maybe you need to have X-rays and have the Dr. show then to you and see if yours fused. That could be your trouble too.
To Rustybrown you sound like you live in West Virginia. The workers’ comp. insurance there really!really! sucks! It’s like not having any worker’s comp. insurance at all
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I had 2 disc replacements and 3 fused together with a titanium plate and 9 screws in November 2005.  My discs had ruptured and were pressing on my spinal cord, causing my right arm to go numb all the way down to my fingers.  Numb, yet very painful at the same time.  So I do not regret the surgery, as my right arm became useful again, and my range of motion for my head movement increased after the surgery.  Yes, I still have pain; however considering my neck is permanently altered with manmade items I cannot complain, considering the alternative was to remain in severe pain, lose the use of my right arm, and leave my spinal cord unprotected against ruptured discs.    What I am concerned about, though, is the donor bone aspect.  I did ask if the bone was screened, and was assured it was.  I've never had kidney problems, but within 6 months of the surgery, I had a kidney stone,  a very large one.  A year later, another one - almost as large in the other kidney.  I am now on 3 different medications to hold down my risk for kidney stones as I had high test numbers for risk on 7 out of 9 risk factors.  Since I suffer from severe migraines already and am on medications for that, I am not pleased at all about this development.  I think the timing is odd, right after the neck surgery with donor bone.  I have been assured by my surgeon's office, my kidney doctor, and my general practitioner that it is extremely unlikely the two are related.  However, I really need to know for sure from other sources.  I am happy with the services I've received from all my doctors, that is not it; I just want to be double, triple sure the donor bone has nothing to do with the kidney problems I now have.  Any ideas on how to research this?  Thank you.
As for being in chronic pain?  I live in chronic pain with the migraines; and I had for years with neck pain before the surgery.  So still having it after, just in a different way, I've adapted.  Its a way of life for me, I still do what I have to do to support my family.  Its hard, I know, and I sympathize with everyone who suffers, I pray the Lord gives you relief.
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It has been 7 months since I had my C-5,6 and C-6-7 ACDF and am still having problems. I have numbness in my left hand and my left leg is swollen and toe is numb lately i have bean falling due to loss in my left leg . The pain in my back is worse now than before is this all normal ?  I also as well have problems holding neck up .
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I also had c-5 c-6 c-7 fusioned with cadavor bone a year and two mounths age and I am in more pain then before the surg.. had xrays taken and went for a MIR.Just waiting for a resone why I am in so much pain.
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I can relate to just @ everything said here. I have pain from a day to day basis. Ot gets so frustrating and old. If you live with it and have to endure it, it makes it so hard. My pain strarted when had ACD & F spinal fusion. My right arm seemed to be affected first. It burned so severe I couldn't do anything with it. I had to use my left arm to compensate4the unability to use right. I have been through a lot more since then. I have severe pain all over my body.It is like it took over my body and I have stabbing like pains in my back and shoulder blades. I have a T3-T4 compressed fracture up under the spinal fusion in which I have read so many places that that sugery caused the fracture. Pressue was put on it from the fusion. I know I will probably have to go back and have surgery on this to improve my life and control the pain. I am tired of it and just want my life back. I have gained 60lbs on the Lyrica that was given for the nerve damage. I want to know if there is another medicine that can be prescribed for it instead of Lyrica. I have read of something called Topamax. Is it for nerve damage? I would be willing to try it so I can get the weight off. I know the weight is hindering me from getting around more and I am ready to live again. I am tired of living from my bed and not being able to do anything. I am also going to try some of the things that someone talked @ on previous post. He stated he was doing Scalene stretches, in which I tried to even walk 5 min. one day and spent a wk in bed. So, I think there is a lot more probs in there wrong w/me, but I still have hope that after I get to another NS that he'll get to the root of the prob and I will have a life again.My kids need mom so much and I have to lose this weight and get my life back on track someway. He mentioned @ Herbal remedies like Zyfament,Glucosamine Chondriotan(for disapearing cartiledge),"Amazing Arthritis Remedy....com too),Chromium, and something called Devil's claw(whatever that is..I will check it out),Melatonin(for sleep), somehting called a posture pump(He states that it helps neck...that it reverse straightening and mine they say is straight...straight..hmm). I am also going to check on Physiotherapy, Accupuncture(hopefully Ins. will cover), Deep tissue massage(It sounds good, but it seemed to hurt before...but they say..no pain...no gain., if that is the case I should be fine with all the pain I have been in.) What is the Ultarasound he was talking @ I don't know. For it sounds like if they can look at what is wrong..I mean in the areas that are so painful with Ultrasond makes sense.) I already have a nerve curve pillow..it is hard to lay on and to lay on my back like he says to do, but it does seem to make you get a little more rest and it makes a difference if the bed is firm.) We are in pain and our bodies are suffering, but there has to be a way to get to the root of the problem.
      I don't understand why I haven't been recommended to have a Diskogram? I want so badly to know where my pain is originating. I would be willing to suffer during that test, because it is suppose to make you have pain in the area that is affected to locate where it is. So, why hasn't a doc called one of those test in for me? I don't understand. It is like they want to play like God on this. I don't understand why they don't get to the bottom of our pain. I had pain the other night that scared the living daylights out of me. I had just got through eating some soft candy(macaroons...in which are only chewy and soft) and my jaw started cramping and the pain that hit my temples was unreal. It felt like a vice grip had squeezed my temples in at the same time. You talk @ scary and I called to my husband to come in and be with me I was so afraid. I have got to do something before I can't do anything at all. I feel it coming and I have got to take my life back in some way. I also found that I have a Chiari Malformation..in which is scary...just read on it. I can't believe that it took me 4 yrs. after being dx with it, to actually find it in my records. I know that I have it because a radiologist read the report and was written by him. I called them(the hospital that did my spinal fusion) and asked them @ it and told them that I wanted to be released from the doc(NS) and placed with another NS there. I am following up on that today because they have yet to call me back, but it has only been a couple of days..but I am tired of waiting and something has got to be done.
      I do want to thank the ones who have had faith in me and helped me get through the pain and suffering that I have endured during this time. I thank you Dr.Scott Boone of Olive Branch,MS. He took care of my excruiating pain and was understanding and very helpful cope. Also, I want to thank Dr.Sandy Winston of West Helena, AR..he has kept me from going through the same excruciating pain by helping me stave off some of the pain.
     I have got to get to someone who is going to fix me and I know he is out there. I just pray to GOD that this is the time I am going to get there and get better. I am willing to go and do some kind of inpatient help. I know I need some rigorous testing and bloodwork for I feel I have some kind of internal infection due to an ESI that caused my hands and feet to be immediately numb during the procedure. I just have to get tougher and fight to get better. I have always been a fighter...not literally just tough and this has been so dibilitating that it has got the best of me for a while and now I just can't give up or I know I won't be around here long if I do.
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Really this is to all and I will try not to ramble so much,
   Dove7, I feel ur pain. It seems like u and I are so much a like in so many ways. The turning of the head and I am also worried @ the donor bone. I had it too and they didn't even tell me @ it. I found out that I had one put in w/out my knowledge..that is wrong. Why didn't they take it out of my hip? Like they do people that seem to do well or better with their surgery. I just know I am so tired of meds and pain, not being able to do squat w/all the people u love. I have to sit at home while my boy is having ballgames and just being able to go shopping or as little as picking up a piece of paper off the floor. URRGGHHH!!!! It just frustrates me. What are we going to do @ these bone donor things? I know I am going...hopefully..don't want to count my chickens..to one of the best docs in state(AR)...I pray. I bet he'll tell me what is up. I just got a call from one of my past docs that is a friend and he told me that I needed to have my plates removed because the doc placed a screw right on top of a nerve and I am having so many probs...my legs hurt so bad and my feet..and guess what I just got dx with Hydronephrosis(KIDNEY)...I am really scared now...I am blowed up like a pregnant woman...my stomach is so swelled..it is scaring me bc sometimes I can't breath good. What are we going to do?
     Rustybrown, girl, I can't believe that u have 7 screws..and I read where another girl has 9...I only have 2 and that is scaring me bc..I feel mine has moved and is not stable...well, I pray that the doc I am going to see(hopefully)...will fix me...I will pray for u guys...keep the faith and always keep hope bc GOD is the Great Physician..He will help us keep on going....Take care and always...GOD BLESS...Karen
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I am back to update that after I had an Ultrasound of my Kidneys they didn't find any Hydronephrosis..they didn't say what it was though. I am really worried now. I have something going on since I can't keep my skin from burning...swelling everywhere. I hope I am not going to die or something. I am going in to see an Internist Friday,so maybe he'll tell me something. I am sure he'll do some more bloodwork and that it fine. I want him to run any and every test that he needs so he can get some kind of idea of what is going on w/me. I know I am still getting or shall I say waiting on my PCP to set up an appointment with a good NS. I called to get the referral started, but I pray that they do it ASAP since I feel something seriously wrong. I feel it could be a failed fusion that has caused more probs in there and wouldn't doubt it if the disc above and below are messed up too by now. Probably blown. I am so worried why my body is burning so badly. I don't understand. I itch everywhere too. I wonder now if I haven't developed an allergic reaction to my patch(Fentanyl) in which I would love not to have to wear it, but what are my alternatives now. I would love some input if anyone knows of a good way of covering round the clock pain. I agree that it has been a GOD SEND to have gotten me this far to manage my pain and am greatful, but now am willing to try something else. I love my hot baths and would love to enjoy a hot tub for a change for my aching muscles, but impossible with the patch. I have a question for u guys and I really need an answer on this one tooo...I am trying to quit smoking(cig.) and am scared to put on a Nicotine patch while I am wearing a Fentanyl one at the same time. PLease can someone help me with these questions. I would appreciate it soooo much. I do send prayers to those in pain and agony and can relate with u...can u send one my way too if u would..Thank You and take care ....always...GOD BLESS... Karen
http://skeetelmore65.blogspot.com     please send a comment on my blog...it needs people to view and make comments...I know it is my first and they have made it impossible for me to sign in, but I have been using the comments myself and at least my son who I don't get to see anymore might read them...I pray he does...:)

Things DX with: ACD & F Spinal Disckectomy(C5-C6),Cervical,Lumbar,Hip/Joint DDD, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylosis, Fibromyalgia,Cervicalgia(whatever that one is),Nerve damage...CHRONIC PAIN>..oh..there's more, but that's enoough
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Where has everyone gone to,
     I know they have probably made new post, but this one is listed on a search engine and I won't let it go because there is someone out there who is suffering just life we are and needs us and I want them to know that we are still here and this is an excellent place to vent what has been happening to you.
     I have learned a lot since I first posted here. I am still suffering and as a matter of fact things couldn't be any worse for me at this time. I am so afraid. I found out yesterday after my NL called me. Yes, when do they call u.
      He told me that an elevated Sedimentation rate. I didn't know what that was. I had blood drawn when I was there last wk. and it came up that my red blood cells are showing to be heavier and that means I have "Inflamation in my body" and that is a scary thing. He wants me to have additional blood work, but since I live in such a small town, I figure it would be best if I went back to him(2 hrs. away from him).Hard, but I have to do something because I am losing my arms and my legs. I am.I was told I would, but I prayed it wouldn't be true. It just happened and I have to deal w/it. I have always been strong willed and now have to really put it to good use. The reason for the sedimentation being elevated was becasuse of LYRICA...so please don't take this medication. IT is very dangerous. Neurontin, I believe is safer. I am taking that. I just hope that it isn't too late and the Lyrica hasn't done too much damage to my system.
     I am going to check on the other posts. Look at the bottom of all the post and It    probably will be me. It looks that way   I know life is unfair sometimes,,,,,,,I personally know @ suffering and I have had my share and all I want as I have said so many times b4 is just to get to the bottom of it...to pinpoint it.
     I feel in my heart that this is it. This is the problem. So many docs want to shrug it off and make it out to be Fibro or DDD or Spinal Stenosis. In which, I might have those things too ...now, but I didn't have them b4 my surgery. THAT is the point. ALL I had was a ruptured putrusion and was going in to get a disckectomy and for it to fuse, but I have a failed fusion. I believe that will everything in my being and even have @ 3 docs now to stand behind me, but it is too late for Medical Malpractice and that is just not right. I believe that it should be extended bc they tell us we have to wait a yr for fusion, well that puts them in the clear...in TN anyway. That is so wrong.  
     We have to do with what we have to work with. We are all still soooo blessed. Count those blessings...u know u have them.  We have THE LORD. HE is always there to comfort us and that means more to me than anything. I think in a way that is why it happens to the good people that he just wants to put on the right road back to the way to heaven. They just lose their way and need a little chastisement and it may be in our eyes...a lot of chastisement, but it worked 4 me. I will never leave HIS side. I will always be a Christian and always be HIS.

You guys take care and don't give up. AS a matter of fact I am still trying to seek help to get mine repaired in some ways. Just pray @ it and HE'LL send u to the right one to get help. I believe my doc is on the right track and I will get there. I just told him the facts and let him take it from there. He is thorough and I will get better I just know it...someday. I will be patient until then. U too ...K...GOD BLESS ALL
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I had an ACDF Anterior multi-level skip procedure.  Neurosurgeon replaced c, 3, c4 with cadaver bone and titainum plates then he skipped C4, C5, and removed discs C5, C6 and proceeded with the same procedure.  It has been 8 weeks an 3 days. I am back to work I have loss some up and down motion (20%) in my neck but its okay.  I had numbness in both hands before surgery. Now I have some feeling in both hands they are slowly coming back.to normal.  I uswn to walk with a limp before surgery and I had a spastic gait.  Now I can walk for long periods of time and my legs are very strong .  I feel good most days!  I try to rely on tylenol arthritis pills and I take valium for spasms. My scar is healing beautiifully and it is barely noticeable after 8 weeks- remarkable!  My concern is that I keep reading blogs that people who had this type of surgery generally undergoe another surgery again years later    (ie: bones do not fuse, or screws come undone etc).  I am looking forward to a long healthy life full of stamina- but I will know the full extent of my bone fusion in about a year.  I must say I had a God Ordained Surgeon who prays.    On rainy days I do experience muscle stiffness in my neck and shoulder blades that is when I take my vicodin.  

I also went to a healing conference 3.5 weeks after Surgery and was slain in the spirit.  So, I know I am healed! God used this Surgeon to do the planting, but He is doing all the watering and full healing of my bones. Praise God!
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i had a c5,c6,c7 neck fusion on 6th dec 2010 n since march ive had severe pain from right shoulder up neck in2 my head ive also tried different pillows which didnt work i cant find a comfortable position in bed its a nightmare,i also feel ive no support 4 my neck n the pain is red hot stinging pain.ive been sick with the pain and end up crying with it.the only gud thing 2 come out of the op was the pain.numbness n pins n needles have gone but im left with this severe pain.
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First, I must say Jenz...U might go through a period to where u feel like u can't make it, but u must push on..it does get better. It can be a slow process 4 some and I am one of those, but I feel that I have good days sometimes, then I deal with the bad ones too. I sure hope ur better by now, at least some. I hate to hear of anyone suffering and I know what that is, 4 sure. There are still times, not as bad as they were, but still having some issues with headaches(more like off/on headache, if u can call it that) My headaches should be called something else I think, they hit hard and stay for a few seconds to minutes now, then go completely away then hit again. Strange!  I hope that u will Please post, to let us know how ur doing...k? I will keep u in my prayers.
How ru sweetreflections? I hope also well still.:))  It sounds like u might have had an excellent doc, who really worked hard to make sure u didn't suffer. THat is great to have someone care of the outcome so much. If only the whole world would think of others and put themselves into our shoes.:)) I pray that u continue to keep feeling great. Just be careful  when it comes to hurting urself, in any way. I feel from a hammock..only a foot off the ground and I donno, if that was it, but I sure have been through it, girl. We don't want anything to mess up ur wellness, now..so, u watch and be careful..k?:))
Take care and God Bless the both of u guys always.:))<3 Karen,who is still fighting this mess..BUT, The Lord does watch over us all and knows what is best 4 us..If we would just let Him do what He does best..Watch over us.:)))  skeet65.blogspot    <3
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I ran accross this post and was checking in to see how u two were.
I first, just happen to run accross this, while doing some research and am still in the same boat, but it sure feels like it is sinking. It is a wonder I haven't done sunk. I must say that The Lord has got me through it all. If, it weren't for Him...I don't think I would be here now.
Well, I just wanted to mostly check in on u two and I realize now, after reading all that I wrote...well, I am not going to lie...I didn't even want to read it all myself. WOW...did I have too much to say, but I was in the worst pain and misery of my life...and to be quit honest, I am still there, but getting closer to getting better.
I have been dx'd, it seems with just @ everything on both sides of the family that was bad. No, I am sure I have my fair share of it, but was dx'd with Addison's disease. My problem is in my neck. I know IT is. They are fooling me. The Docs don't want to mess with it, I know because someone else did the surgery and they are looking everywhere else, but in the meantime, I have gotten worse.
My left side is extremely weak and numb, even my face, but the other day it switched on me and it made me wonder, then it couldn't be Ms or Parkinson's then....could it? hmmm, so stumped on that part of it, but still. I believe my Chiro Doc friend who told me that a screw was on a nerve, because I can't even be touched in or around my neck. At the back of my neck, it feels like a fork poking it. My hair always feels pulled and have cramps in my neck and have them, all the time in my legs. It is kinda like restless legs, but having cramps underneath my knees, in my hamstrings..YOWCH!  
Well, I gave u my update and I will check back in with whom ever responds...to anyone wanting to read all of my mixed-up stuff, up there. I sure hope this finds u guys doing well and maybe, soon I will be.
Take care and God Bless always.:))<3 Karen
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I too had a spinal fusion 7 years ago C3 - C6 I have a titanium plate with 8 screws to hold the fusion together. I have no more pain, because I took charge of my own health, I do Yoga breathing exercises and do mild neck rotating exercises to keep the muscles in my neck and arms strong and flexible.
I strongly suggest to all here on this forum get off the Pharmaceutical roller coaster ride, they cause nothing but trouble and real, real bad side effects with all major organs and tissues in your body. Go to a reputable Chiropractor and get massages which will alleviate most of the muscle soreness, stiffness and most of all for the pain.
Most doctors these days no longer practice save and good medicine, but all with exception of a few have become legalized drug pushers, they get so many kick back from big Pharma its become very lucrative for the medical community to push this poisonous drugs on uninformed patients and the general populous. Take charge of your own health and quit relying on doctors for relief, because all they know and were taught and trained to do in the Pharmaceutical owned medical schools, is that relief comes in pill form. Do some real research on natural healing and you'll see it works 110% better than any western doctors could ever do for you. Many Blessings to all.
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Yes, this is very normal, Bone grafts hurt!
I had a graft on my hip in 1997 and the pain has gotten better, but has not gone away. Your pain may go away, its best to be hopeful!
The best relief i have gotten is from Myofacial release, my physical therapist does this for me and my insurance pays for it.
Good advice and stories from everyone here for a very difficult situation!
I wish the best for you.
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I just reread everyone's posts. They make me sad, but they also make me feel less lonely. I have been through most of the things already stated, and have been dealing with pain and disability since 1997.
I still see the surgeon who did my anterior/posterior back fusion ( it was a grueling surgery ~12 hours). Two years ago I began having neck and shoulder/arm pain, he did MRI's and told me I had Syringomyelia. He didn't tell me much about it except that he couldn't correct it surgically because it would paralyze me. He told me to not do anything about it, just have another MRI in about 5 years.
I have begun to read about this disease and am pretty much scared out of my mind. It does seem unfair that people need to suffer so much ~ and compassionate doctors are very few and far between.
The most helpful thing i have learned is acceptance. It's taken many years for this to happen, but the continual search for outside help is exhausting. These days i try to do little things, as i am able, that will give me a little happiness ~ enough to get to the next day. Never stop thinking or searching for something that may help, but at some point be happy for what you have. I wish everyone strength and hope.
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i had c5 and c6 fused with cadaver bone jan. 2002 due to bulging disks from a work related injury.. within a year my head was falling forward and i was having alot of pain.. called my comp nurse and she told me under no circumstances was i to contact the surgeon and she would find me another.. so we went to see the second surgeon and he said i needed the first fusion ground out and in order to correct it he had to fuse c4 thru c7 and plate it.. that i rejected the cadaver bone and it collasped.. so he did that march of 2003.. thennnnn i started having a cough nothing i was worried about but my gf was.. so i went to the dr (different from first 2 since i moved from michigan to missouri) and he did xrays.. i had one screw totally out and vertical and resting on my esophgus(causeing the cough from tickle) and a second screw backing out 1/8 inch or so.. so he went in and replaced these 2 screws..
   im in pain alllll the time.. just like many of you that have posted here.. down the sides of my neck into my shoulders and into my shoulder blades..my hands go numb from time to time.. i cant do any kind of manual labor whatsoever or i pay for it for 2-3 days.. i used to operate heavy equipment and drive truck for over 20 yrs.. my last day worked was july 29th 2001 when they got the results from my first mri.. now im on SSD and sit in a recliner and watch tv all day.. just cutting the grass on a riding mower for an hr or two pretty much lays me up for a day or two.. and like many of you .. dr's dont understand and just humor me and think im just trying to get pain pills which ive been addicted to 3 times over the past 11 yrs .. im so sick of pills.. i never had a medical issue until this ..
  im so sick of the run around and pain.. i would love to go back to work and make MONEY but i dont see that happening as im now almost 51..

anyways.. best wishes to all of you  and i feel your PAIN..
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Larry sorry to hear. I just had surgery on C5-7 recovering good, thank God, second one. I take Formula 48 from Years to your health in irving. It is for bone support and i dont need any  prescription pain meds..Also use a infrared heat for healing/pain. I trade my pain for Joy. Have yet to sit or stand more than 30 - 45 min. a day since 2004 SSDI too, ***** I know. Thank God I can walk.
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My husband had a neck fusion at c5 c6 n sept 2012. Ever since the surgery he has burning searing pain from neck to L shouler with numbness in L arm n L leg. His symptoms have gotten continually worse. He started having uncontrollable leg tweitches and excrutiating headaches as well as complaining of his head n body feeling really hot. He started having episodes where he passes out when he is having the bad headaches and over heating. Just last Thursday the doc finally decided to try Lyrica for nerve pain. He took it as ordered then that night I found him unresponsive on bathroom floor. I took him to ER. They thought he was having a severe dystonic seizure. They sent him to neurologist. They did an EEG and said when my husbands body is having the episodes they r not effecting the brain. They told me he could be having complications from the neck fusion. I need help or any info. We are young with 4 kids and my husband can't even walk with out a walker and assistance and his speech is messed up. He is in excrutiating pain.
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