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Hi Doctor

to be brief: neckpain again. working long time computer at not so comfortable posture. also pain sometimes in the scalp at some spots, pain tho' manageable. had asked advice once.

what exercise to do ? swimming is very good ?
yoga, i know. advisable ?
is it beginning of spondilosysis ?

many thanks
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Hi and welcome to the back and neck support forum.

Since this is a support forum, there isn't a dr here to answer ur question.MedHelp does have an expert forum....if u wish to post ur question there click on the forums button on the MH toolbar.

I can give u some advice on the computer....lift the monitor to eye level and use a lumbar pillow...and get up and streach  every so often.

Good luck

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I found out quickly that if my monitor and keyboard were not positioned right I would get pain in my neck and sometimes arms. I am a back sufferer and learned a long time ago that posture is critical to painless days.
Adjust your monitor level so your eyes are level is a good thing to do. Stretching alot is helpful, good lumbar support (as mentioned above) is critical. Remember its all one spine. All the IT guys I know suffer from neck problems if they are not positioned right.

I went to PT and they taught me good neck strengthening exercises. Massage therapy, Chiropractic and if all else fails, an epidural injection or oral steroids seem to lessen inflammation.

Good luck and feel better.
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