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need help understanding mri results on back

Technique, multiecho and multiplanar mri  of the lumabar spine was performed without contrast on the 3.0 tesla mri unit-- don't understand this

radiographic findings,
Mild heterogeneity of the bone marrow in the lumbar spine which is within normal limits for age. Normal vertebral body height and alignment is seen. Disc disiccation without narrowing is seen between L3-4 and L5-S1. The conus medullaris is lacated at the T12-L1 levewl and shows normal signal and volume

L1-L2-3 unremarkable

L3-4 mild fluid and bilateral facet hypertrophy. High signal is seen within the disc space in the left posterior aspect of the disc in the region of theregion of th neural foramina. Left foraminal disc protrusion is seen causing mild foraminal stenosisi but no impingement.

L4-5 A left foraminal area of high signal is seenn in the annulus of the disc.  A left foraminal disc bulge is seen without nerve root impingement. Mild foraminal stenosis is present. Minimal facet hypertrophis cdhanges without central stenosis..
L5-S1 unremarkable

1. High signal areas consistent with annular tears within the left foraminal portion of th L4-5 and L3-4 disc spaces
2. Left foraminal disc protrusion at L3-4 and left foraminal disc bulge at L4-5. Mild foraminal stenosis at these levels without nerve root impingement.
3. The rest of the lumbar spine is within normal limits

Any lamens terms of what this is saying would be greatly appreciated.
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