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Hi all! I had a double-fusion L4-L5 & S1 at the end of May this year. Prior to my surgery, I had my left leg burning 24/7. Now I have noticed that my right leg as well as my left leg burns 24/7. I waited 2 years for the surgery, did I wait too long for permanant nerve damage? I wonder.
Went for X-Rays two weeks ago, because I actually fell on my back-hard, what a dufus I was. Ouch more now than before.The X-Ray shows disc flattening in the L4-5 region with Hypertrophic facet sclerosis in L3 through S1.
It also shows a slight lumbar curvature with leftward apex at L1-2.
Did something happen when I fell? I have to go back to my surgeon in November, meanwhile my Pain clinic doc (knowing I fell and I hurt more) lowered my breakthrough medicine to only 4/day, what a jerk!. So now I am suffering major and my long-acting medicine just isn't cutting the mustard. I am a young 50 year old female who has physically worked hard all my life up until 2 1/2 years ago.
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated-Take Care !
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Did your mri show any of these things after surgery or are they new?
and maybe your DR thought your meds wer to strong and contributed to your fall...
how did you feel right after surgery ? did you get better any period of time?
please submitt mo info
and god bless , stay strong
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