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phobia or anxiety

i have this issue  which is seriously affecting my studies.whenever a test is approaching i feel this pressure building inside my head ,which gets worse as the date approaches.i  experience a feeling of  permanent exhaustion ,worry,and insomnia .it affects concentration  and i feel myself inferior to others .i have studied it on net and i am confused whether it is situational anxiety or testophobia.i am experiencing it since 6 years.please help me out.
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You could try using Rescue Remedy at night after studying to help you relax and sleep.  It sounds like you might be clenching and grinding your teeth at night to be so uncomfortable, so you could try a bite guard.  If I notice my jaw feels tight and there is a band around my head, I open my jaw but keep my lips closed in an O shape to stretch the muscles in my face.  This helps me detect tightness and stretch it out and relax my face.  You can also massage that band over the top of your ear to see if that muscle is tight.  Being aware of tenseness in muscles helps you learn to release the tension.  Yoga or running could help get rid of bad energy.  
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Its more likely stress and this is normal if there is a test coming up. Your body is getting itself ready for studying and memorizing... Try to eat Magnesium rich foods to relax you and also help your memory. Foods  like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dark green veges,  try Epsom salt foot soaks to get Magnesium in your system. It will relax you and help you sleep.There is also Mg in form of pills if you could get them in Pakistan. take as per instructions on the bottle before bed. Al good sleep will help you be ready for more studying..
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