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scoliosis diagnosis at 32 yrs old???

My daughter & I were in a serious highway car accident 15 yrs ago with whiplash. We both suffer with migraine headaches, TMJ popping jaw, muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders, and a tired feeling in the muscles at the front of the neck on either side (sometimes both sides). The worst thing is waking up feeling like you "slept wrong" and having a "crik in the neck" where you can't turn your head and that can last a few days. All of these symptoms come and go over the years, sometimes we have a real time of it and other times we would think it wasn't coming back. She started having a flare up a couple months ago. It started with the "crik in the neck" one morning except this time it did not go away with the usual Naproxin, Flexeril, Icy Hot rub, and heating pad. She went to the doctor after two weeks of it. He sent her for massage therapy which at first seemed to help some. He then sent her for PT but the worst thing is after a MRI and a bunch of tests, he says she has scoliosis! (sniff) How does a 32 yr old kid get that after having 3 kids and all the active years she's had? (sniff-sniff)  Something in this woodpile stinks! I wonder if she should get to a chiropractor or other specialist? This doctor she's seeing is just a M.D. (She has  factor 5, and she had severe pre-eclampsia after her four-year-old was born but otherwise she's been
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Hi!  I suffer from scoliosis.  I was diagnosed at age 12, and it was recommended that I see an orthopaedist.  However, my mother in her infinite wisdom (NOT), decided that was not necessary. I too was very active in sports well into my 20's. I had two lovely children the natural way by age 27. My scoliosis did not really start causing me any great difficulty until I was in my mid 30's.  This can be very dangerous, as there are different scoliosis diagnoses. Mine is called levoscoliosis, and has developed over the years. Diagnosis was initially just "scoliosis, moderate".  I have subsequently developed so many spinal diagnoses from degeneration of the spine due to the ever increasing severity of the scoliosis.  On my last MRI, the radiologist pointed out I had levoscoliosis of 34 degrees to the left.  This is potentially VERY serious, and complications can lead to death.  However, at the very least, she could be in for severe pain for the rest of her life with possible disability. My intent is not to scare you, as none of the above that happened to me, may ever happen to her. However, I know you do not want your daughter to live in 24/7 pain.  My suggestion is that you find a specialist, either an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in back surgery, or a neurosurgeon.  Tell him what was diagnosed, and ask for an MRI if you don't have a recent one.  This is an issue that you should not ignore.  Good luck and God speed!  LilSpooky1
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How od are you now? You don't think this might be from the accident? I have heard of people going to a good chiropractor and eventually things work out. Do you anticipate things are just going to continue to get worse? Are you working and what kind of work do you do? Sorry for all the questions but she needs to work. Her husband and her work opposite shifts to raise three kids. She is down to one day a week. They don't live near me there's no jobs here and I can't move down there. I'm losing hope!
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