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scoliosis disc protrusion C6/7

Hi my name is chris i live in New Zealand
I was born with scoliosis am now 40years old and nearly always in pain.My latest MRI report are as follows.

MRI Cerical and Thoracic spine
1) Axial and sagittal T1
2) Axial and sagittal T2
3) Sagittak stir
4)Coronal T2

There is little increased fat signal in the upper cervical spine without clinical relevance,
otherwise normal bone signal.
There is an S shaoed scoliosis of the upper thoracic spine caused by a right-sided
hemivertebrae at T3 and a left-sided hemivertebrae at T6.
There is a small left mediolateral disc protrusion at C6/7 with possiable impairment of
left sided nerve root C7/C8. No further disc pathology.
Normal width of the spinal canal.
Prominent central canal, otherwise norma signal characteristics of the cervical and thoracic cord.

I suffer numbness in my arms, tingling sensations in arms plus years of back pain.
Can anyone explain what this all means to me.
See a surgeon in 6 months.
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