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severe pain when breathing deeply and sneezing in left shoulder blade and upper back

I have been for weeks having problems shoulder pain / upper back pain the left side when breathing, especially sneezing lately its getting worse and aching all the time. I am not pregnant but have had 2 children. Mine i dont feel can be lack of exercise as im always on the move. Im going to book to see my gp 2moro but im very worried what it can be.
Any ideas, ive never experienced pain like when i sneeze in my left shoulder blade / left side upper back, it almost results me to tears now its been weeks / months i have been putting up with it cos my family say its from holding my baby??

any advice?
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why is no one replying to me :o(
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Hi there, im not sure why nobody is replying but when i seen your post i just had to read it, I am having the same thing myself........i do have neck problems going to see neurosurgeon soon, but im noticing this pain more and more.. It seems like when i breath in that there is not enough room or somthing for my ribs? weird feeling.. i can feel it into my left shoulder blade alot and it even hurts in the front....if you find anything out let me know
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hi i went to see my dr yesterday and he thinks its PLEURISY im on tablets and due to have an xray nxt tuesday.
Im not so sure if it is but will take these tabs and then see what the xray says.
il let you know of anything further :o)
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I also have been having this same pain for years now. I have gone from doctors to specialists but they can never find anything. I am in so much pain when I take in deep breaths. Pls if at all your doctor find anything pls share your finding. I wish you the very best
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Funny that you say Pleurisy. I have the same pain and was diagnosised with it 4 years ago. I was told by a nurse that it is a buildup of acid and could flair up at any time but I didn't put this pain and an old diagnosis together. That would expain a lot of it since I was also diagnosised with scaring of the lung and that too is now really bothering me. I was thinking that I had phenmonia again (which I am not ruling out) but at least I have hope that I am not going to be hospitalized again. I will be at my MD tomorrow to figure it out and maybe get some relief.
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