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slipped disc

I have'' a  slipped disc in my neck. and know I 'm having Throat  spasms..dos anyone y no if  a slipped disc  in the neck can cause you to  have throat spasms?
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It really depends on your anatomy, the location of the disc bulge, the extent to which it presses on the esophagus or trachea.

Sometimes the treatment for herniated cervical discs, ACDF surgery, can cause throat spasms and bleeding of the esophagus.

Only your doctor can tell you. I suggest you seek medical advice.
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Thank you  I didn't no that your herniated disc can touch your
esophagus or trachea. Thanks for telling me this i will look into it ..Thanks
philnoir..  I was suppose to have surgery but the things That my Dr Told me that could go wrong i was  frighten  to have The surgery
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Sorry, but you misunderstood me. Let me be clear -- it's not the disc that touches the esophagus, but the hardware used to secure the fusion.

During the surgical procedure called anterior cervical disectomy and fusion (ACDF), the surgeon, after removing disc tissue (discectomy) and initiating the bone graft, proceeds to connect the two vertebrae with a titanium plate that is attached to each vertebrae with two or three small screws.

It is these screws that have, on occasion, been known to back out over time and then rub against the back side of the esophagus with movement, causing internal bleeding and necessitating another surgery to replace the screws.

This is a rare complication of ACDF, but is possible. The odds increase when multiple levels are fused.

Surgery, while sometimes necessary to save the cord and stabilize the spine, should always be a last resort in the choice of treatments for chronic neck pain.
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Thank you philinoir .but i have no intentions of having any Surgery I'm just to scared i just want find other Home remdies help..
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Good Tina.

I hope the throat spasms are now under control.

Best wishes.
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