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spinal fusion 7 years later

I had an l5 s1 spinal fusion following the birth of our oldest child 7 years ago.  it was a horrendous pregnancy and labor.  I was in labor for 36 hours with physical complications to myself and child.  not knowing I was followed 6 months later with an l5/s1 spinal fusion while my husband was serving his tour in Iraq. I went thru pt for over a year and dealt with phantom pains I chumped up to child birth. since then we have had 2 more successful pregnancies, each following over a years worth of pain medication and physical therapy, (pt), my pain has extended from  my lower back to my hips which use to radiate down my hip....but has now consumed both feet and both hand/arms and each time the pain begins in my pinky and radiates thru every other finger to my hand.  WTF, WITH ALL DO RESPECT TO ANYONE READING THIS, I'm tired of pain medication and physical therapy on a weekly basis! I will never regret any of my children but have I made this physical obstacle worse?
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I understand your frustration, but have no answer as to whether or not you complicated your back problems with pregnancies. Sure, pregnancy can exacerbate low back pain for a few reasons, but is this what happened to you -- only God knows.

What's important here is that you focus on what you've gained from pregnancy, not what you've lost. I don't mean to sound flippant when I remind you that life can be a compromise and that we must count our blessings. In my own situation, I was able to enjoy a highly satisfying career in spite of my chronic pain condition brought on by spine disease.

Would I have traded it all for being pain free today? No, but some days I'd deal with the devil himself to get a little relief. Chronic pain is like that.

Also, pursue treatment. An interventional pain specialist may have injections or other procedures that can make your life less painful. Other techniques can also help.

Your best bet may be to find a university hospital pain management clinic, preferably one with a school of anesthesia and pain management. Here you'll find a wider set of treatment options for pain relief.

Enjoy your family and best wishes.
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